Premiere Pro and After Effects now include for Creative Cloud for Creative Cloud.

After talking to hundreds of our customers over the last 24 months, we’ve heard that the interest and need for remote collaboration, review, and connectivity for video creation has grown faster than ever. If it was important before, it’s critical now. Today, I’m excited to share that Premiere Pro and After Effects customers get for Creative Cloud as part of your subscription. helps you work faster by connecting to the right people and reaching approval more quickly.’s professional, easy-to-use workflow lets you share a link to your video or composition with your team, client or any other reviewers you want. They can comment and draw on the video and you will see their time-stamped feedback directly in your timeline. You no longer need to decipher confusing email threads or spreadsheets to collect feedback. When finished, your reviewers can approve directly using the web link or award-winning app. This helps you get to final faster and it is a pleasure to use. for Creative Cloud also helps you organize assets all in one place. With 100GB of dedicated storage, you can upload your media directly to the cloud for up to five active projects to share with another team member of your choice. This lets you quickly upload and download media and other files from Premiere Pro and After Effects without having to use a separate service.

Screen shot of features of for Creative Cloud .

You also have access to Camera to Cloud, which takes files right off your camera and puts them in the cloud as soon as you stop recording. No more waiting. No more transferring files. No manual uploading or downloading. And no disk drives. The footage is available nearly instantly so people can start work while you are still shooting. Check out how the Golden State Warriors get up-to-the-minute game action instantly posted to social media using Camera to Cloud and Premiere Pro.

Screen shot of features of for Creative Cloud .

Starting today, for Creative Cloud is available in the latest versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects rolling out worldwide. Once you have updated your apps, sign into the Review with panel using your Adobe ID. If you are on an older version, you also can install the panel or visit the web app directly via for Creative Cloud is an important first step toward building a powerful platform for the future of video creation. Stay tuned for more developments from us as we build a full collaboration platform that connects video teams, media, and workflows from beginning to end to help get your job done faster and easier.

Be sure to check out the other new features now available in Premiere Pro and After Effects. It is great to be heading back to NAB this year to see our customers and partners with as part of the Adobe family. We look forward to seeing you there to share more about for Creative Cloud and all the other amazing new capabilities in our video apps.