Adobe reaches public sector milestone with FedRAMP Moderate authorization for Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government

FedRAMP illustration.

We are increasingly connected through digital experiences and interactions, which is why it’s so important for organizations to understand how they can meet the unique needs of users and help build trust. This is especially true for people accessing government services, which can be some of the most critical services that people need to use. For those serving in government, this is the time to transition from reacting to the pandemic to building new experiences that better support workers and people in this new environment. Agencies need solutions that deliver short-term benefits while laying the groundwork for scalable and sustainable progress.

Leveraging Adobe's own Common Controls Framework (CCF) as a foundation, we were able to build on it to meet FedRAMP's strict security requirements and achieve FedRAMP Moderate authorization in rapid time, all while positioning Adobe as an even stronger leader on Security and Compliance. The newly acquired FedRAMP Moderate level of authorization allows Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government to immediately address existing public sector workforce pain points and enables government growth toward long-term IT modernization. Tnhis versatile solution supports agencies in transforming inefficient, outdated paper workflows by enabling end-to-end digital document and form processes that make signing and approvals easy and legal.

As the licensing authority for the federal government’s cloud technologies, the FedRAMP program has become an essential pathway to the future of public sector work. Government employees need modern, easy-to-use tools to ensure a seamless shift to long-term hybrid work without compromising security or disrupting operations — a crucial journey that FedRAMP enables. During this transition, agencies have a unique opportunity to streamline processes and bolster document security.

Prioritizing security, compliance and trust

Whether you are a government worker behind a Common Access Card-enable computer or seeking government services, trust in key government functions is essential to a smooth experience. At Adobe, we take great pride in being a part of efforts to strengthen compliance and improve that experience.

This milestone is an important addition to Adobe’s existing portfolio of FedRAMP authorized products, furthering our commitment to delivering accessible, equitable and secure government services. The elevated security status of Moderate offers government customers peace of mind when they share personal information. With FedRAMP Moderate authorization, Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government is now subject to a substantiative and continuous review process, adhering to 325 security controls.

FedRAMP Moderate authorization offers government a vital capability from a trusted, seasoned partner that makes an immediate impact on day-to-day operations and customer experience. E-signatures improve efficiencies across all departments in an agency — from mission critical services like public safety and social services to mission support services like procurement and human resources.

For a Cloud Service Offering like Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government, Moderate level authorization is best suited for consideration where the loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability would have serious adverse effects on an agency’s operations, assets or individuals. With Moderate authorization, Acrobat Sign for Government enriches Adobe’s existing suite of FedRAMP-certified tools. Hosted on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud — the trusted, security-enhanced cloud for government agencies.

“We are delighted to expand the strategic relationship between Adobe and Microsoft with the launch of Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government on Microsoft Azure Government,” said Rick Wagner, president, Microsoft Federal. “The demand for digital modernization, powered by the cloud, has never been greater. Reaching this milestone brings the leading capabilities of our companies together to support better, more accessible public service and deliver innovative solutions to our customers. We are committed to helping government accelerate their missions by securely transforming public engagement, improving operational efficiency and building resilience for the future.”

Signatures are not just a core element of the government workforce’s daily functionality — they are the epitome of personal identifiable information. Securing signatures — and protecting the privacy and integrity of the documents they certify — strengthens government accountability and the capability to deliver on core mission objectives, building trust among the public and public sector workers alike. Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government with FedRAMP Moderate authorization is a key technology enabler for government, offering a solution that meets the unique needs of each agency and division and lays a strong foundation to grow together to meet IT modernization goals.

Forms modernization: a critical building block for digital transformation

One major objective on the path to government IT modernization is digitizing the government form. Forms are the front door for all government interactions, for people accessing them and government employees alike. Whether you have relied on government services for routine tasks, like renewing a passport, or something more dire, like emergency resource assistance after a natural disaster, your first interaction likely involved filling out a form.

A study from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation found that only two percent of forms sampled from 15 federal government agencies were fully compliant with the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act, which requires a transition from paper to web-based forms. The 21st Century IDEA is not just about convenience — it’s about increasing access for all. Being able to securely sign a document from your phone is imperative for vulnerable populations as recent data indicates lower income Americans and minorities represent the largest number of smartphone-only users.

Addressing technology gaps for everyone, including the government workforce, is a key focus for the current administration. “Strengthening and empowering the federal workforce” and “delivering excellent, equitable, and secure federal services and customer experience” are two of the three priorities set forth within the President’s Management Agenda.

“Putting people first is at the heart of all of the work Adobe does, and programs like FedRAMP are paramount in our efforts to bring creative, familiar solutions to the government, ensuring the public has access to the government services they need,” said Brendan Curley, Adobe digital media for public sector.

Adobe is proud to have served as a trusted partner to high-impact public-facing organizations like the Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services and the U.S. Census, both of which utilized Adobe Experience Cloud to improve the accessibility, structure and mobile optimization of critical public sector websites.

Those partnerships underscore the value of public service and the potential to enact tangible, positive change with digital modernization. As Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government with FedRAMP Moderate authorization is integrated into agencies’ workflows, we look forward to expanding our role in bringing trusted capabilities to government.