June 2022 photography releases

Image of mountains and a canyon.

Photograph by Benjamin Warde.

The Adobe photography team is excited to announce the latest updates to Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. These releases begin rolling out today and will be available to everyone by the end of the week. Read on to learn about all the fantastic new additions, including new video support in Lightroom.

The latest releases

  • Video
  • Presets
  • Adaptive Presets
  • Premium Presets
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Compare View
  • Community Search
  • Community Remix
  • More Improvements


(Lightroom Mac/Win, iOS, Android)

Lightroom now supports video.

The same edit controls that you already use to make your photography shine can now be used with your videos as well! Not only can you use Lightroom’s editing capabilities to make your video clips look their best, you can also copy and paste edit settings between photos and videos, allowing you to achieve a consistent aesthetic across both your photos and videos. Presets, including Premium Presets and Lightroom’s AI-powered Recommended Presets, can also be used with videos. Lightroom also allows you to trim off the beginning or end of a video clip to highlight the part of the video that is most important.

“I absolutely love the new video feature. Since I produce both video and photo content, this new feature allows me to do everything in one app instead of jumping back and forth from different apps and software. Such a game changer!”

Tristan Zhou, Lightroom Ambassador

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Powerful, all new preset features include a Preset Amount slider, AI-Powered Adaptive Presets, and new Premium Preset packs.

Preset Amount Slider

(ACR, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mac/Win, iOS, Android, Web)

You are now able to adjust the intensity of presets that you apply to your photos and videos. Do you wish that the preset was just a little stronger? Or a little more subtle? Now you can easily adjust any preset to your liking.

"I love the preset amount slider! This is what I have been waiting for as I do a lot of batch editing, this preset slider really helps me save a lot of time for post processing."

Piyatat Primtongtrakul, Lightroom Ambassador

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Adaptive Presets

(ACR, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mac/Win)

Adaptive presets are an entirely new class of presets. Building on the powerfully advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities of the Select Sky and Select Subject masks, it's now possible to apply presets which automatically target a particular part of the photo. Our first two sets of Adaptive Presets include presets for making skies dramatic, and for making the subject of your photo really pop. These presets allow you to access the power of AI masking with the ease of a single click.

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Premium Presets

(ACR, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mac/Win, iOS, Android, Web)

This release of Lightroom includes five new Premium Preset packs handcrafted by some of today’s best photographers.

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Red Eye Removal

(ACR, Lightroom Mac/Win)

Red Eye Removal, powered by AI.

Flash photography can sometimes cause eyes to glow red. Lightroom now allows you to remove the red-eye with a single click. No need to manually circle each eye in your picture — Lightroom’s AI will find all the eyes automatically and remove red-eye if necessary.

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Compare View

(Lightroom Mac/Win)

Compare photos side by side.

Lightroom now includes a compare view which allows you to view photos side by side to help you pick out your very best image.

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(Lightroom Mac/Win, Android, Web)

Find exactly what you’re looking for in the Lightroom community.

The Discover section is where community comes together to connect inside of Lightroom. You can now search through this community to easily to find the topics that interest you and the photographers and friends you’d like to follow.

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Community Remix

(iOS, Android, Web)

Explore and engage with how different community members edit photography.

Brought to Lightroom on Mac/Win last fall, Community Remix now arrives in Lightroom on mobile and the web. Engage with the Lightroom community in an entirely new way. Share your unique edit with the community, let others try alternative edits, and share their artistic vision with the image. Making space for play encourages entirely new perspectives from across the world.

Screen shot using Community Remix.

More Improvements

Including updates to Masking

Batch Copy/Paste of AI Masks

(ACR, Lightroom Mac/Win, Lightroom Classic)

The “Select Sky” and “Select Subject” masks, powered by Artificial Intelligence, can now be copied and pasted to other photos, and the masks will be recomputed automatically, with no need to manually apply the new masks to each photo. This allows you to incorporate these powerful AI features into your batch editing workflow.

Mask Group Invert

(ACR, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mac/Win, iOS, Android)

It is now possible to invert mask groups, which greatly simplifies targeting edits to particular parts of a photo.

Forward/Back Buttons

(Lightroom Mac/Win)

Lightroom on the desktop now includes forward and back buttons which easily let you navigate through Lightroom, much like the forward/back buttons in a web browser.

Local Storage Management

(Lightroom Mac/Win)

Lightroom now provides more control over how much of your hard drive is used for photo storage and allows you to purge the cache in order to free up space on your computer.

Export Performance

(Lightroom Classic)

Lightroom Classic now enables GPU acceleration for export operations so you can spend less time waiting for your finished photos.