Adobe MAX: Sharpen your social media and digital marketing skills

Adobe MAX 2022

As social media evolves, digital branding matters more and more, for individuals and for businesses. So it’s always a good time to level up your social content creation skills and digital marketing footprint.

Social media & digital marketing sessions at Adobe MAX

Learn how to use Adobe Express to make high-quality content quickly and easily using thousands of beautiful, free templates. Harness the power of social media and digital marketing to strengthen your brand and grow your business. Discover how to maximize your channel growth and increase your following on social and digital platforms.

You’ll be able to hear firsthand how other small-business owners and freelancers have found success on social media and other digital channels, and explore marketing strategies that can help you achieve your goals.

Who are these sessions for?

These sessions are for anybody who wants to make great social media content — whether they are working solo on their own brand or business, creating content as part of a team, or want to build a community around a shared passion. These sessions are great for graphic designers, marketers, and business strategists or owners, though you don’t need to be a professional social media maven to attend.

If you’re interested in or specialize in the following, these sessions are for you:

Here are 5 must-have sessions to add to your schedule:

Build Your Content Strategy with Adobe Express, featuring Mallory Shoemaker and Andy Lambert (L6457)

Create an effective content strategy that will help you achieve your business goals. Join this hands-on workshop with Mallory Shoemaker, Adobe Express content strategist, and Andy Lambert, author of Social 3.0, co-founder of ContentCal, and Sr. Product Marketing manager at Adobe, and learn how to tailor the foundations of a winning content strategy to your audience, brand, and industry.

In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll become skilled in:

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Increase Productivity and Collaboration with Adobe Express, featuring Charmaine Jennings and Chloe McConnell (S6450)

Learn how Adobe Express empowers freelancers, small business owners, and social media marketers to work more collaboratively with teams and increase productivity to deliver faster results for clients. Join Charmaine Jennings, owner of Strategic Charm Boutique, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses share their brand story and build online communities, and Adobe Express expert Chloe McConnell.

In this 60-minute session, you’ll discover how to:

How to build a brand using stunning graphics in Adobe Express with Katrina Torrijos (S455)

Explore how you can use Adobe Express to make beautiful, on-brand content quickly and easily. From the perfect font to your signature colors, in this session you’ll learn how to set up the elements of your brand kit and quickly apply them to any template or project. This session is perfect for small business owners, solopreneurs, marketers, and anyone creating content for their business or for clients. Follow along with Adobe Express Evangelist, Katrina Torrijos.

In this 30-minute session, you’ll learn how to:

How to Design a Successful Ad Campaign for Social Media with Andrew Hochradel (S454)

Learn how to land your dream clients using unconventional approaches on social media. Join Andrew Hochradel as he takes you on an exploration into crafting an immersive social media campaign to hook your audience and convert them into ambassadors for your brand.

In this 30-minute demonstration, you’ll see real examples and insights on how to:

How to build a cross-channel digital footprint for your brand with Andrea Casanova (S457)

One of the worst mistakes you can make is putting all your eggs in one platform. Join viral marketer and celebrity social content producer, Andrea Casanova and learn how to create and optimize a cross-channel digital strategy for your brand or business. Learn to create a content plan from scratch and develop a deeper understanding about the types of content that converts best per platform.

In this 30-minute session, you’ll:

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Get started making social content quickly and easily with thousands of free templates to choose from using Adobe Express.