Adobe MAX: Creativity for all in education

Creativity for all in education graphic.

Creation is the ultimate expression of learning. At Adobe, we believe that all students should have the opportunity to develop the essential creative and digital literacy skills that will help them learn and open doors to brighter futures. By preparing educators from schools and colleges around the world to teach creative skills with Adobe tools, they can prepare their students for the digital now and the digital future.

Adobe MAX gives both students and teachers the chance to absorb real-world lessons and be inspired by experts across creativity and education. They’ll have the opportunity to meet leading educators and experts working across disciplines in formal education and beyond, researchers, school and university leaders, students, and more. And educators will learn how products like Adobe Express can enable creativity across curriculum, professional development, technology leads, and help the next generation learn how to thrive in a digital world.

The Education track applies to anyone who:

Here are 5 must-see sessions at Adobe MAX 2022:

Tech and Creativity: Best Skills to Learn for a Future Job (S202)

Some of the most sought-after jobs of today require creative skills to get hired — skills anyone can learn. Hear from young professionals Rebecca Hare, Grace Ling, Connor Allen-Kilpatrick, and Ariana Vergara-Johnson about how they used their experiences from school and side projects to build creativity and kick off their careers.

In this 30-minute session, you’ll:

New Directions in Readability and Accessibility (S200)

Everyone has different eyes and a different brain. And now designers have the ability to tailor consumption experiences for those differences. In our session on inclusive design and accessibility, join Zoya Bylinskii, research scientist in the Creative Intelligence Lab at Adobe, as she shares the latest research and features around reading and design.

In this 30-minute session, you’ll learn about:

Creativity as Fuel for Student Centered Learning and Wellbeing (S204)

Predictable stressors have been compounded by those we’ve experienced as a result of living through a global pandemic and mounting socio-political tensions that challenge our humanity. Listen as we explore the ways teachers and students can rise to spark collective wellbeing for the future. Join art therapist and DC Public Schools arts innovation manager, Lindsey D. Vance and Adobe Education Evangelist, Wezi Thindwa in a creative conversation leading educators to wholeness through their own artistic practice.

In this 30-minute session, educators will have the opportunity to:

Innovation in Education: Strategies for Sustainable Success (S206)

Discover how Associate Vice Provost for Innovation Garret Westlake, a design-thinking dyslexic who grew up hating school, is reinventing the future of higher education at Virginia Commonwealth University. Imagine classrooms grounded in empathy and imagination, designed to meet the needs of users — not the systems that exist today. Westlake will discuss what he considers a dangerous overreliance on optimization and explore strategies for innovation that yield sustainable success.

This 30-minute session will cover:

Increasing Productivity and Collaboration with Adobe Express (S452)

Learn how Adobe Express empowers freelancers, small business owners, and social media marketers to work more collaboratively with teams and increase productivity to deliver faster results for clients. Join Charmaine Jennings, owner of Strategic Charm Boutique — a digital marketing agency that helps businesses share their brand story and build online communities — and Adobe Express expert Chloe McConnell to discover how to:

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