Aquí Estamos (We Are Here): Celebrating Hispanic Heritage & Impact

Hola ¡Gente!

As the Executive Sponsor of HOLA, Adobe’s Hispanic/Latinx employee network, I am excited to wish everyone a happy Hispanic Heritage Month.

Each year, from September 15 — October 15, the United States (US) recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month. Here at Adobe, we expand that celebration globally to celebrate the contributions and importance of Hispanic and Latinx communities from around the world. We’re proud to take time to acknowledge the tremendous impact people of Hispanic and Latinx heritage have on global business, politics, science, and cultural life.

‘Aquí Estamos’ (We are here)

Throughout the month, HOLA will host Adobe employee events around the theme, Aquí Estamos (We Are Here): Celebrating Hispanic Heritage & Impact. Employees will learn about the many ways the Hispanic and Latinx community is showing up and growing, while making a vital contribution to society, culture and the economy. We’ll spotlight issues of inequity and representation while sharing tangible ways employees can help be an effective ally today.

According to projections by the U.S. Census Bureau, Latinos will account for 60 percent of the nation’s population growth from 2005 to 2050. In parallel with this growth, our tremendous impact will continue to grow too — from our trillions in contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP) to the start of new businesses, to enrollments in college, and beyond. Without a doubt, we continue to make lasting impressions on the world around us. And we’re just beginning.

As an immigrant from Argentina, I’m proud to be part of our growing, vibrant community with such a bright future ahead. This momentum energizes me as I think about all the ways our community, both inside Adobe and beyond, contribute to our culture, the economy and society as a whole. Every day, I am inspired to maximize our potential. This year’s theme, Aquí Estamos, is a reminder that our energy, voices and influence bring infinite value to the fabric of our blended cultures. It is with pride and a privilege that I invite you to acknowledge and celebrate with us together during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

I'm looking forward to celebrating the month with HOLA, when we come together, have fun and celebrate all the things that make us, uniquely us: our leaders, food, music, art, and more.

HOLA has chosen two organizations to spotlight and raise funds for: Chamos, a charity in the UK and Spain, dedicated to improving outcomes or children in Venezuela, and United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth-led network in the country.

As part of Adobe’s Equity & Advancement Initiative, Adobe continues to partner with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) to identify opportunities to make an impact. HHF CEO and president José Antonio Tijerno will meet with Adobe employees to address key issues facing the Hispanic and Latinx community and provide guidance on how they can support.

Beyond Adobe, we encourage you to engage with us on social media. Throughout the month, we’re spotlighting the Hispanic/Latinx creator community across social media featuring stories from inspiring Hispanic/Latinx creators and small business owners.

Adobe for Education also plans to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with social posts each week pointing to education resources, highlighting heritage on our team, and engaging with educators. Follow and engage via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

At Adobe, I continue to be inspired by our incredible HOLA community and all the ways that we amplify our voices, empower one another, and honor our past to elevate our future. Join us as we celebrate Aquí Estamos. ¡Vamos!