Adobe MAX Track: Graphic design your way to destiny

Adobe MAX 2022.

If you can dream it, you can design it with Adobe. With the industry-leading, precise graphic design tools across Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and more, you have the flexibility and control to create digital and print-ready graphics, images, and layouts.

Adobe’s graphic design track shares foundational and new tips and resources to get you designing as soon as inspiration strikes. Featuring graphic design thought leaders and changemakers, sessions focused on creating unique and custom graphics for every purpose will teach you new workflows and fuel your design journey.

If you’re interested in or specialize in the following, these sessions are for you:

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Here are five must-attend sessions from this track to consider adding to your schedule once you’ve registered:

Grow Your Design Aesthetic into a Multidisciplinary Career (S6319)

How do you build a career that is multifaceted, true to your values, and also fun? How do you create the world you would like to both see and live in? Join multidisciplinary artist Laci Jordan as she shares how she cultivated a design aesthetic that is authentic, unapologetic, and wildly popular and built a successful career with a client list that includes Disney, Google, Nike, and more.

In this inspiring 60-minute session you’ll hear:

Turbocharge Your Graphic Design Business with Kristy Campbell (S6327)

Learn how streamlining processes and systems can turn a good graphic design business into a great one. Join business owner and graphic designer Kristy Campbell to discover how she uses InDesign in innovative and strategic ways to achieve a five-star quality client experience and promote business growth.

In this 60-minute session you’ll learn:

Discover the Craft of App Icon Design with Photoshop with Michael Flarup (S6315)

Join designer Michael Flarup to discover the importance of the app icon, the history and craft of iOS app iconography, and his quest to preserve this disappearing art. You’ll learn how Michael uses Photoshop to create his signature colorful visual designs and find out how to use app icon design as a primer for improving all design. Go behind the scenes on the idea, execution, and launch of Michael’s The iOS App Icon Book — a project that has spanned four years and billions of pixels.

In this 60-minute session you’ll learn:

Discover the Golden Secrets of Lettering with Martina Flor (S6303)

Fast-track your way into lettering with award-winning lettering artist, author, and educator Martina Flor as she unveils the secrets behind her craft. Martina will walk you through the process of creating a lettering piece, from hand sketch to final digital artwork in Illustrator. You’ll see her perform a live demo and walk away with both the inspiration and the tools to give it a go yourself.

In this 60-minute session, you’ll gain:

Learn How Personal Projects Make You a Better Designer with Nubia Navarro/Nubikini (S6322)

Working on personal design projects can be an effective way to ignite creativity, refine personal tastes, explore new techniques, and win client projects. Join graphic designer and lettering artist Nubikini to learn about the most important ingredients in her self-initiated projects. You’ll discover a winning approach to personal work along with essential Illustrator tools, tips, and techniques so you can refine your design skills, carry out your own successful side projects, and overcome the challenges of creating just for you.

In this 60-minute session, Nubikini will share:

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