6 reasons to embed e-signature workflows into your software applications, mobile apps, and websites

Image of an e-signature workflow.

In today’s digital world, the customer experience has become the competitive battleground. Not surprisingly, customers also prefer personalized, fully digital experiences.

How can you ensure your software application makes a great, digital-first impression? By ensuring every aspect of the customer experience is optimized for ease of use, efficiency, accuracy, and trust.

That’s easier said than done for software providers who are often forced to focus their precious internal development resources on fixing bugs and delivering critical new features — instead of improving the overall customer experience.

Thankfully, they have another option. They can embed proven, market-leading technologies that digitally transform critical aspects of the customer experience, without having to build everything themselves. That’s where the Adobe Acrobat Sign Embed program comes in.

The Acrobat Sign Embed program makes it easy to make an impact

By leveraging Adobe Acrobat Sign’s proven technology platform for e-signatures and automated document workflows, software providers can deliver significant customer impacts through 100 percent digital workflows for documents and agreements that require signature.

The Adobe Acrobat Sign Embed program and Acrobat Sign APIs make it easy for developers to integrate secure, trusted e-signature workflows into their software applications, mobile app and websites. Organizations gain these valuable benefits by embedding e-signature workflows, powered by Acrobat Sign:

  1. Elevate customer and employee experiences
  2. Grow revenue, add value, and further differentiate
  3. Increase platform engagement time
  4. Control the end-to-end workflow
  5. Keep development teams focused on their core expertise
  6. Leverage Adobe’s proven technologies and scalable infrastructure

These six reasons are just the beginning when it comes to the benefits organizations realize when they embed Acrobat Sign into their offerings.

Be sure to watch the webinar explaining the innovations you can deliver with the Acrobat Sign Embed Program and Acrobat Sign APIs and read on to learn what our customers are saying about their experiences and how embedding Acrobat Sign has had a huge positive impact on their business.

Avionté streamlines onboarding for thousands of recruiters and staff

Avionté is leveraging Acrobat Sign APIs by seamlessly integrating Adobe’s leading e-signature capabilities into their staffing and recruiting platform. To deliver a superior experience to more than 1,000 clients and 25,000 recruiters using their platform, Avionté selected Adobe as their trusted partner to help clients replace their disjointed, paper-heavy hiring processes with fully digital document workflows inside of the Avionté platform that can be accessed from any desktop or device.

“Our vision is to be the premier technology provider within the staffing industry — creating a seamless opportunity for talent to connect with their agency and with the end employer for an absolutely frictionless experience,” said Brigid Isenmann, SVP of growth at Avionte. “Adobe Acrobat Sign Embed is all throughout Avionté. Our customers use it both for executing contracts with their end customers and for getting electronic documentation from their talent. There’s a great audit trail so there’s no question about the authenticity of a document, and it all integrates seamlessly with our platform to create a really nice workflow.”

“Moving to an electronic signing process has been a true game-changer for Avionté.”

Brigid Isenmann, SVP of Growth, Avionte

IMM helps financial institutions fund loans faster

When Michael Ball, SVP of strategy and innovation, joined IMM, the company had just started the Acrobat Sign Embed partnership, replacing an alternative electronic signature vendor.

“As the use of our financial platform expanded, the sophistication and requirements that our clients were seeking outpaced what our prior e-signature vendor could provide. A high-friction security approach made the signing experience incredibly cumbersome for the consumer. Our clients clamored for a change,” recalls Ball.

IMM needed an e-signature product it could embed within its robust digital solution platform for financial institutions, that would integrate secure, remote signing features into its carefully designed user experience and functionality.

Compliance with the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the ESIGN Act was a must. At the same time, IMM sought to balance stringent security requirements to fortify customer trust with a friendlier user experience. Acrobat Sign met all IMM’s requirements and more. IMM embeds Acrobat Sign in its platform specifically for remote e-signature situations. When a signatory cannot appear in person at a bank branch, the bank can use IMM’s solution to send digital documents for e-signing remotely on the signatory’s preferred device.

The solution offers flexibility, taking advantage of Acrobat Sign premium options for two-factor phone authentication, knowledge-based authentication (KBA), or government ID authentication.

“Having the appropriate security surrounding authentication was incredibly important. The audit trails are critical because we're dealing with financial documents tied to assets, so we need to make sure transactions are enforceable with verified e-signatures,” Ball says.

AmerisourceBergen is enhancing their patient experience at every touch point

Lash Group, an AmerisourceBergen company, provides ongoing patient support throughout their treatment journey under Lash Group’s umbrella of solutions.

Reducing administrative burdens helps improve the patient's experience. Increasingly, many patients lack access to a fax machine to send back forms with a wet signature, causing inconvenience and delays in the process.

By embedding Acrobat Sign into their solutions, Lash Group makes it effortless for patients to e-sign from anywhere, on any device — and return signed documents safely and securely in a fraction of the time it used to take.

In their Insights report, Lash Group found that benefit verification forms submitted electronically were completed more than five times faster than those submitted by fax and more than two times faster than forms submitted by voice (excluding time spent awaiting missing data). Acrobat Sign’s electronic signatures were a contributing factor to the massive improvements.

Lash Group plans to increase usage of the embedded Acrobat Sign solution as it incorporates the new electronic signature functionality into more client provider portals. “With the SaaS offering from Adobe, flexibility and scalability are intrinsic, unlocking opportunities to expand its use as more of our clients take advantage of e-signing in the days to come,” says Mirjana Williams, product manager, Lash Group.

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