Adobe Announces New Wellbeing Approach Focused on Community & Collective Wellbeing

The events of the past two years have upended how we define the modern workplace, spurring many companies globally to rethink their employee experience. It has become clear that employees expect companies to go beyond offering great pay and traditional benefits to prioritise flexibility and holistic wellbeing. Wellbeing has become a key measure of employee engagement and thereby business success that all companies need to embrace.

At Adobe, we have always believed that when employees feel taken care of in and outside the office, they are empowered to do their best work. Each of our employees has unique needs and experiences, so it’s critical that we stay in tune with our people to be able to provide comprehensive and inclusive benefits that support their complete selves.

From progressive fertility benefits that make reproductive services more accessible and affordable; to holistic time off benefits including up to six months of parental leave, and regular companywide days off to recharge together; to pay parity across gender and race, prioritising the complete wellbeing of our employees has been essential to our growth and success.

Why We’re Evolving Our Wellbeing Program

While we’re incredibly proud of our leading programs today, we recognise that our future success hinges not only on individual wellbeing but about our collective wellbeing as an Adobe team. Through our continuous pulses of employee sentiment and needs, we are driving the future of benefits at Adobe with a focus on community, connection and wellbeing.

Community & Connection

Personal Wellbeing

At Adobe, we’ve always recognised that people are our greatest asset. As we create a new future where employee wellbeing is a foundational business driver and key to Adobe’s culture, we want to empower everyone to prioritise wellbeing.