Stronger through service: Saluting our military heroes

Stronger Through Service.

This imagery was created in partnership with the Veterans at Adobe employee network. It includes a gender-neutral servicemember saluting their country and raises awareness of the various branches of military service across land, air and sea.

Today is Veterans Day — a day to reflect on and honor those who have served their countries in war and peace. On this day, we recognize their patriotism and sacrifice.

Originally established to mark the armistice ending World War I, November 11 is a commemorative holiday celebrated as Veterans Day in the US and Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere.

As the new Executive Sponsor to the Veterans at Adobe employee network (VEN), it brings me great pride to join at such a special time of the year.

Rooted in service and servant leadership

Growing up in the Midwest of the United States, I was surrounded by a family committed to serving our community. My father and older sibling both served in the Navy; my grandfather served in the Army; and other members of my extended family were called to military service too.

The positive influence from my family inspired me to join the US Navy after graduating from college. I served for 4 years in San Diego as a Lieutenant in the US Navy Supply Corps onboard the USS Chandler (DDG-996). In any branch of the service, the stakes are high, and everyone counts on each other, so you form a bond built on trust that could someday save your life.

My experience in the United States Navy was amazing. It gave me an opportunity to develop as a leader and to learn the business functions of the Navy that became foundational to my transition into corporate America.

While I served in the Navy, I learned that my leadership style was rooted in servant leadership, a philosophy built on the belief that the most effective leaders prioritize serving their people.

Having served in the Navy and now in the corporate workplace, I ensure the highest priority needs of the people I lead are met.

In my experience, servant leadership creates healthier working environments and enables individuals to become wiser, freer and more autonomous.

In life, there are certain things that make you feel an emotional attachment. Service will always do that for me. I feel immense personal satisfaction having not only served as a Naval Officer, but also serving our Veteran communities, including families, both inside and outside of Adobe.

Saluting Veterans all year long

It is a privilege stepping into my new role as Executive Sponsor Veteran Employee Network at Adobe, an employer that already has a strong foundation for engaging the military and Veterans. From deepening Adobe’s engagement with the United Services Organization (USO) and maintaining our long-standing relationship with Vets in Tech to sponsoring Fleet Week in San Francisco and accelerating Adobe’s Veteran recruiting and retention efforts, I look forward to continuing to drive the Veteran community forward.

Honoring Veterans Day at Adobe & beyond

For Veterans Day this year, VEN has selected the theme Stronger Through Service. The theme reminds employees that we are stronger and better together when we are in service to each other. It’s a reminder that our whole is greater than the sum of our parts and that sacrifice, on and off the battlefield, helps everyone win.

For this year’s celebration, VEN is focused on expanding people’s perspectives on what it means to serve in the military and the value service members bring to their countries, businesses, and communities.

We’re hosting the United Services Organization (USO), the nation’s leading organization serving U.S. military servicemembers and our Equity Advancement Initiative partner, to talk about their military experience and share how employees can support USO’s efforts.

In Sydney, Australia, we hosted Bill “Sully” Sullivan, US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) and Salesforce Regional Director who shared his own journey and life lessons as he transitioned to and from the military, and then to the corporate workplace.

We hope that you will join us as we salute our military heroes around the globe and bring Stronger Through Service to life.