Why data plays a role in driving everything we do at Adobe

Adobe employees in a meeting..

As we continue to collect information about consumers, their behaviours, and the things they want (and don’t) from their tech solutions, data-driven design is shaping the future.

There are lots of exciting innovations happening already thanks to the insights that data provides, and at Adobe we’re continuously serving customers with exciting technological advancements that meet their ever-changing needs and challenges because we leverage our data so effectively every day.

Hear more from some members of our APAC team.

Stephen Wise, head of APAC professional services

I lead a team of experts across APAC who implement Adobe Digital Experience solutions for our customers. Data is critical to everything we do and all of our solutions at Adobe. Customers increasingly rely on first-party data to understand their customer base, who in turn demand that businesses know all about them to improve their customer experience. However, at the same time, consumers will leave brands that don’t protect their data or hit them with spam marketing. So what we develop at Adobe enables businesses to reach the end customers that they need to, in a secure and intimate manner.

Rachel Ong, solution account manager

I help our existing Adobe Commerce customers grow their commerce strategies and realise the value of the investment they have made with us on the platform. As the voice of customers and partners, I share the types of challenges they’ve faced, as well as their expectations, with our product teams.

Our solution designs are a direct product of our data. Adobe has plenty of both digital and physical channels for us to share what we have learned about, and from, our customers, and this hybrid approach to collecting information allows us to respond to meaningful changing data. We can keep on top of what features are no longer relevant to customers and what features they need. The result is a simplified user experience and better user engagement.

Whatever function you’re in at Adobe, everyone here works together passionately as a team

Thomas Parsons, head of business development, APAC

I’m responsible for leading pipeline generation strategy throughout the APAC region. My team works across the Experience Cloud suite of products and is tasked with engaging new and existing customers to qualify new business opportunities.

I like that the insights we get from customer data at Adobe helps us drive design decisions that improve the overall user experience. We're able to track how customers interact with our products and make changes that help them be more successful.

I also leverage data in my own role every day, even though I’m not a product designer or developer myself. I use data to inform my organisational design decisions because I need to understand where our performance gaps are, our biggest opportunities and what markets are prime for expansion when deciding on where to allocate my resources.

Additionally, I use data to help me understand how our products are currently being used and how they might be used in the future. This allows me to shape our messaging and outbound pipeline generation strategies.

We’re in a hyper competitive landscape with this business. It’s great that we’ve been able to continuously serve customers with new and exciting technological advancements that meet their ever-changing needs and challenges, and be named a Gartner leader in multiple categories for many years now. We can thank the data for that - it shapes everything we do.

Cheryl Sara Leong, digital experience account manager

Many know Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign, but don't realise that we are also the engine powering some of the biggest brands to deliver transformational experiences to their own customers around the world. Chances are the apps you use, the sites you browse and the digital channels you touch are all powered by Adobe! In my interactions with customers, it's important that I understand their goals and challenges so I can map out how and where the very extensive Adobe suite can support their business effectively.

At Adobe, we are always asking ourselves, "What can be done better?" to make sure we help our customers succeed. We have a direct connection to the senior stakeholders in the office and they encourage us to share feedback with them regularly. Open communication and feedback is crucial here. The culture of inclusivity and openness allows every Adobe member to actively collaborate and keep pushing ourselves to be an improved version to the next customer.