Celebrating 25 new Adobe Stock Artist Development Fund recipients

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Image credit: Adobe Stock/Rachael Presky.

Today we’d like to officially announce and celebrate the first 25 artist recipients of the ongoing application-only commission program from Adobe Stock from 2022. Congratulations to Fran Alvarez, Mohammed Aneez, Valeria Araya, Velvet Berry, Jyotsna Bhamidipati, Leonardo Borges, Martha Castillo, Andy Connell, Ang Geck Geck, Musonda Kabwe, Sheilby Macena, Maria Clara Machado, Holly McCann, Nadiya Nacorda, Ruby Okoro, Rachael Presky, Anina Rubio, Nathan Shaiyen, Marcia Sifuentes, Love Soulèy, Ben Steele, Esther Sweeney, Shari Sweeney, Ling-Hsiu Tsai and Ayse Yorgancilar on their creative achievements.

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Image credits (clockwise from top): Adobe Stock / Ruby Okoro, Adobe Stock / Anina Rubio, Adobe Stock / Velvet Berry, Adobe Stock / Martha Castillo.

What is the Artist Development Fund?

It’s been a few months since we’ve shared an update on the Adobe Stock Artist Development Fund, so here’s a quick refresher.

As part of the Adobe Stock Advocates program, Adobe Stock selects artists for recognition and funding based on their application proposals and their demonstrated ability to create from the perspective of their own communities. Working with global artists from different backgrounds helps us get closer to our goal: expanding and maintaining a truly inclusive, world-class stock collection that authentically represents all of us and inspires creators worldwide.

The program is part of how we demonstrate our commitment to supporting, featuring, and furthering more accurate visual representation of different regional, ethnic, and lifestyle communities in stock photography, illustration, and video. Since the inception of the program, we have collaborated with the Adobe Creative Residency program to award funds to nearly 80 artists. These artists — many of them brand new to the world of stock imagery — have used the funding to support their creative vision and depict their own personal narratives and communities with accuracy and heart.

Meet the latest 2022 Artist Development Fund artists

Image of Fran Alvarez .

Credit: courtesy of Fran Alvarez.

Fran Alvarez

Fran Alvarez is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Rizal, Philippines whose colorful, intricate work explores the intersection of culture and cuisine.

Image of Mohammed Aneez.

Credit: courtesy of Mohammed Aneez.

Mohammed Aneez

Mohammed Aneez is a freelance content creator and influencer based in Kerala, India who portrays the tremendous diversity of his country, while dispelling stereotypes about his Muslim community.

Image of Valeria Araya.

Credit: courtesy of Valeria Araya.

Valeria Araya

Valeria Araya is a Latin American visual artist and illustrator born and raised in Santiago, Chile whose work supports cisgender and transgender women.

Image of Velvet Berry.

Image credit: courtesy of Velvet Berry.

Velvet Berry

Velvet Berry, based in Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in boudoir photography as a means of liberation, self-discovery, and promotion of body positivity.

Image of Jyotsna Bhamidipati.

Image credit: courtesy of Jyotsna Bhamidipati.

Jyotsna Bhamidipati

Jyotsna Bhamidipati (also known as Jyo) is a fine art lifestyle photographer based in Northern California specializing in portraiture and emotive, observational depictions of family life.

Image of Leonardo Borges.

Image credit: courtesy of Leonardo Borges.

Leonardo Borges

Leonardo Borges, a professional photographer based in Tilarán, Costa Rica, finds constant inspiration in the colorful landscapes and diverse individuals in his community.

Image of Martha Castillo.

Image credit: courtesy of Martha Castillo.

Martha Castillo

Martha Castillo is a Peruvian graphic designer and illustrator. Her expressive illustrations explore the lives of women and queer people, social justice, and the history and culture of Peru.

Image of Andy Connell.

Image credit: courtesy of Andy Connell.

Andy Connell

Andy Connell is a queer photographer and filmmaker based in Gold Coast, Australia who focuses on documenting authentic queer love and experiences through weddings.

Image of Ang Geck Geck.

Image credit: courtesy of Ang Geck Geck.

Ang Geck Geck

Ang Geck Geck (also known as Priscilla) is a filmmaker based in Singapore whose work contrasts her society’s commitment to education and science with its conservative cultural beliefs.

Image of Musonda Kabwe.

Image credit: courtesy of Musonda Kabwe.

Musonda Kabwe

Musonda Kabwe is an illustrator based in Johannesburg, South Africa whose work explores how people come together over meals, in the context of African culture.

Image of Sheilby Macena.

Image credit: courtesy of Sheilby Macena.

Sheilby Macena

Sheilby Macena is a Haitian American photographer whose work captures the complexity inherent in the Black experience.

Image of Maria Clara Machado.

Image credit: courtesy of Maria Clara Machado.

Maria Clara Machado

Maria Clara Machado is an artist and author whose illustrations focus on people of color and the birth of art in Brazil.

Image of Holly McCann.

Image credit: courtesy of Holly McCann.

Holly McCann

Holly McCann is a freelance illustrator from Brighton, England who focuses on women’s fashion, body positivity, inclusivity, and relationships.

Image of Nadiya Nacorda.

Image credit: courtesy of Nadiya Nacorda.

Nadiya Nacorda

Nadiya Nacorda is a photography and video artist whose work explores themes of magic, affection, identity, and mothering, along with Black and Asian feminine interiority and subjectivity.

Image of Ruby Okoro.

Image credit: courtesy of Ruby Okoro.

Ruby Okoro

Ruby Okoro (he/him), a self-taught Nigerian visual artist, explores themes of self-expression, identity, the human journey, and personal relationships through photography.

Image of Rachael Presky.

Image credit: courtesy of Rachael Presky.

Rachael Presky

Rachael Presky is a commercial artist and illustrator from the UK who seeks to elevate the visibility of underrepresented women, climate, and other causes she is passionate about.

Image of Anina Rubio.

Image credit: courtesy of Anina Rubio.

Anina Rubio

Anina Rubio is a multidisciplinary visual artist and environmental advocate living in the Philippines who focuses on depicting nature’s beauty to inspire others to promote sustainability and conservation.

Image of Nathan Shaiyen.

Image credit: courtesy of Nathan Shaiyen.

Nathan Shaiyen

Nathan Shaiyen is a Nigerian creative producer, photographer, director, and cinematographer whose work tells stories that educate, captivate, and inspire.

Image of Marcia Sifuentes.

Image credit: courtesy of Marcia Sifuentes.

Marcia Sifuentes

Marcia Sifuentes is a visual artist based in Lima, Peru whose projects explore the role of women in her society, as well as the close connections between nature and Peruvian culture.

Image of Love Souley.

Image credit: courtesy of Love Soulèy.

Love Soulèy

Love Soulèy is a Haitian American storyteller and archivist dedicated to preserving the cultures of melanated and Indigenous people through film and photography.

Image of Ben Steele.

Image credit: courtesy of Ben Steele.

Ben Steele

Ben Steele is a photographer and filmmaker based in California whose work reflects his love for adventure, people, the outdoors, unique cultures, and meaningful stories.

Image of Esther Sweeney.

Image credit: courtesy of Esther Sweeney.

Esther Sweeney

Esther Sweeney is a self-taught photographer born and based in Kenya, whose work revolves around the themes of social issues, culture, and identity.

Image of Shari Sweeney.

Image credit: courtesy of Shari Sweeney.

Shari Sweeney

Shari Sweeney is a self-taught photographer, writer, and publisher based in Okinawa, Japan seeking to help Black, Indigenous, and People of Color showcase pride in their food, traditions, and everyday moments.

Image of Ling-Hsiu Tsai.

Image credit: courtesy of Ling-Hsiu Tsai.

Ling-Hsiu Tsai

Ling-Hsiu Tsai (also known as The Alice Tsai), an illustrator and animator based in Taipei, combines western elements and eastern colors and texture into her artwork.

Image of Ayse Yorgancilar.

Image credit: courtesy of Ayse Yorgancilar.

Ayse Yorgancilar

Ayse Yorgancilar is a photographer based in Istanbul whose current projects explore Anatolian cuisine and the rituals around it.