Unveiling the first-ever Adobe Stock Artist Awards

Image Credit: Adobe Stock / NeoLeo.

From social media to entertainment to advertising, visual content is exploding. And that means Adobe Stock Contributors are playing an increasingly important role in how people learn, connect, and communicate worldwide.

At Adobe Stock, we’re dedicated to nurturing a thriving community of Contributors, helping them stay on top of creative trends, and building a global collection that represents the real world through relevant and authentic visual narratives.

As part of our commitment, we’re introducing the Adobe Stock Artist Awards.

The Awards honor some of the very best examples of aesthetic, technical, and narrative quality out of the millions of assets submitted to our collection last year.

“Most successful Contributors have a few key things in common,” says Sarah Casillas, senior director of Content for Adobe Stock. “That’s consistently high-quality imagery, an eye for aesthetics and commercial value, and the passion and flexibility to keep learning, working, and growing as artists and professionals.”

By recognizing the best new Adobe Stock content and artists, we hope to inspire even more amazing contributions from world-class artists so we can continue to meet our customers’ needs for exceptional visuals.

Check out this quick overview from the Adobe Stock team.

Celebrating excellence across the global collection

The Adobe Stock Artist Awards jury is a diverse group of artists, industry experts, and Adobe executives who are committed to supporting creators and helping them gain greater visibility for their work. They reviewed a curated selection of stock content submitted throughout 2022, and then they chose recipients for annual honors as well as for marquee awards that cover a variety of categories and themes.

"I was honored to help review the first-annual honorees, who presented an incredible diversity of best-in-class work,” says juror Maria Yap, VP of Digital Imaging at Adobe. “The Adobe Stock Contributors are redefining how we approach stock art by creating unique, high-quality assets that help ensure everyone has the opportunity to bring their creative ideas to life.”

Image of abstract art from Adobe Stock.

Image credits: Adobe Stock / IKANIMO (Taste of Heritage Award, Vectors and Illustrations), Adobe Stock / Antonio Rodriguez. (Connection and Communities Award, Vectors and Illustrations)

30 artists received annual honors or marquee awards

We’re delighted to share that 30 artists received a Top Choice award for standout content among a broad spectrum of categories. Top Choice recipients received a $1,000 gift.

Annual honors include Artist of the Year Awards, which were given to Adobe Stock Contributors whose work stood apart in 2022. From the standard collection, jurors gave awards for Photographer of the Year, Vector and Illustration Artist of the Year, Design Template Artist of the Year, Video Artist of the Year, and Newcomer of the Year.

From the Premium collection of photos and illustrations, jurors chose one Premium Artist of the Year, and they also gave a Visual Storytelling Series of the Year Award to a Premium photography series of three or more images.

Collage of images of woman walking, dancing, taking a selfie, on a laptop and eating a meal.

Image credit: Adobe Stock / Maskot.

Another annual honor, the Asset of the Year Award recognized the best asset of any type from across the Adobe Stock standard collection.

Image of two women holding a mirror showing their reflection.

Image credit: Adobe Stock / Nicholas Felix/peopleimages.com.

See the complete gallery of annual honors Top Choice recipients, plus all the honorees.

We also gave marquee awards to one photographer, one video artist, and one vector or illustration artist in each of the following categories:

Images of two hands touching and two people looking at the night sky.

Image credit: Adobe Stock / master1305 (Conceptual Visions Award, Photography), Adobe Stock / Oscargutzo (Land, Sky, and Sea Award, Photography).

Find inspiration to fuel your creativity

Whether you’re an Adobe Stock Contributor or a creator who uses stock, we hope the Artist Awards galleries will inspire you to experiment and express something new in your own work.

“The Awards are a chance for us to honor the hardworking, incredibly creative Contributors from around the world who make our collection exceptional,” says Sarah Casillas. “They’re also a great opportunity for every creator to discover the latest artistic techniques and content trends so they can stay ahead of the curve, grow their skills, and continue producing work that connects with people and makes an impact.”

Learn more about the Artist Awards and discover the Top Choice and Honoree gallery on Adobe Stock.