Adobe Firefly Beta updates

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Last week Adobe released a beta of the first model from Adobe Firefly, a family of creative generative AI models to the world, and shared our plans to bring Firefly into our apps to make workflows better, faster, easier and just a little more fun.

Over the last 7 days, we have been blown away by what we’ve seen and heard. We’ve witnessed firsthand what happens when imagination is let loose. We had great discussions about how and why we focused first on a model that was designed to be safe for commercial use. We received a huge amount of feedback from you across a range of topics including quality, harm & bias, and feature requests.

We can’t wait to let everyone on the waitlist experience the beta for themselves. We’re working hard to make that happen, but this beta was one for the Adobe books. It surpassed our wildest expectations and set a new record for the highest demand for an Adobe beta ever. We’re scaling up the experience and letting tens of thousands of new beta members in daily. For everyone who has requested access prior to and including today you can expect to be provided access within the next month.

As you wait, we encourage you to join the discussion with us. If you haven’t already, please join the Firefly Discord to chat with the team, engage with the community and see all the amazing work being generated with Firefly. We’ll also be hosting a livestream on Thursday March 30 here, where you can see the latest in Firefly, chat with the team that created it, ask questions and maybe get a peek at a sneak or two.

We will also be hitting the road to meet up to share more and chat about Adobe Firefly.