Using Adobe Acrobat to support a growing business with The Bachelorette’s Jason Tartick

Photo of Jason Tartick.

From television star and best-selling author to entrepreneur, Jason Tartick has enjoyed a lot of success. After spending a decade in corporate banking, Tartick’s life turned in an exciting direction when he became a fan favorite contestant on the 14th season of ABC’s reality hit, The Bachelorette. Tartick recognized that his newfound fame offered a unique opportunity to develop his own brand and start building his own lines of business.

“One of the reasons why I gravitated to corporate banking was because it fascinated me to learn about how business behaviors and strategies could translate to growth and scale,” says Tartick. “As an entrepreneur, I’m getting to experience the excitement of seeing a company grow firsthand.”

Photo of Jason Tartick.

Investing in people

Tartick has invested in many different types of businesses, but one common thread for all of his ventures is a focus on people. “Everything I do has an individual at the end,” explains Tartick. “That’s really what I’m interested in: working with people and helping them become the best versions of themselves.”

Tartick leans heavily on social media to promote his brand and businesses, but he realized that there were many gaps between the talent management industry and the fast-paced world of social media influencers. That’s why Tartick teamed up with Evan Sahr in 2020 to found Rewired Talent, a new type of talent agency for talent, by talent.

In the beginning, Tartick and Sahr wore many hats, handling every aspect of Rewired Talent by themselves. “We had no choice but to be in the grind operationally,” recalls Tartick. “We were doing it old school with spreadsheets and sticky notes. My printer was going through reams paper for contracts and invoices.”

The danger of this type of operation, explains Tartick, is primarily human error — especially when the company starts to take off. Tartick says that this is the key point where businesses need to start focusing on structure, building out best practices, and investing in technologies that will support them long term.

Lessons from building a business

For Rewired Talent, one of the most important investments turned out to be Adobe Acrobat.

“We originally got Acrobat for e-signatures, because such a big part of our operations involves getting contracts signed and invoices out the door,” explains Tartick. “But we realized that Adobe Acrobat has many other functionalities. It’s truly an all-in-one platform that we can use for every stage of our business.”

The talent management industry works very fast. When brands or initiatives want to collaborate with an influencer or celebrity on social media, they’re often looking for immediate results. If Rewired Talent responds slowly, there is a chance that the brand will move onto someone else. “With Acrobat, we’re operating three times faster than our competition,” says Tartick. “That means more completed deals and better results for our clients and our talent.”

During contract negotiations, Tartick can edit the PDF directly without needing to go back to Microsoft Word every time, speeding up finalizing contracts. Once all of the details are confirmed, Tartick can send the contract for e-signature and then protect it to avoid further unauthorized edits in a matter of seconds.

“Adobe Acrobat is truly an all-in-one platform that we can use for every stage of our business.”

-Jason Tartick

“What I love about Acrobat is the efficiency, optimization, and scale,” says Tartick. “It allows me to work from anywhere — on my phone, iPad, or computer — to keep deals moving, especially with clients on the go. We can track signature responses in real time, so we always know where we are with a contract or invoice. The internet doesn’t sleep, and our business moves 24/7. Adobe is always there for me.”

Rewired Talent now has six employees and has grown by 55 percent over the past year, in part due to its technology investment. “I absolutely consider Acrobat to be part of our growth during a rocky economic year because it touches every area of our business, from contracts to invoices,” says Tartick. “And if I'm spending less time on operational activity, less time worrying about document security, less time worrying about how to get a contract in front of someone, I can focus more on growing our business.”

Right now, Rewired Talent focuses primarily on social media collaborations, but Tartick sees big opportunities for growth by expanding to other mediums, from television appearances to PR and speaking opportunities. With that growth comes increasingly complicated operations, but Tartick is more than up for the challenge.

“One of the beauties of the way that we’re developing our business is that we’re starting with a strong operational foundation. That way we know that we’re prepared to open up new revenue streams at any time,” says Tartick. “With technology like Acrobat, our operations are ready.”

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