Introducing the Adobe Video Partner Program

Adobe Video Partner Program

Video creation workflows are constantly evolving and differ greatly from team to team. With this in mind, we’re introducing a new Adobe Video Partner Program that combines the Adobe and partnerships into one. With a holistic approach across all the Adobe video applications, this program fuels joint innovation and empowers customers throughout their content creation lifecycle — from development through production, post-production, and distribution.

The program already includes a global network with 400+ of partners, and new partners are being added on a consistent basis. This network ensures that our customers have access to integrated solutions that enhance their productivity and creativity, and can be customized to meet their specific needs.

Let’s take a look at the benefits for both customers and partners.

Why the Adobe Video Partner Program?

Together with our industry partners, the Adobe video applications enable video professionals and production teams around the world to craft and deliver any type of video — from feature-length films to advertising and social content.

It’s a complete end-to-end video suite: capture footage on set and speed up the process with’s Camera to Cloud workflow, edit in Adobe Premiere Pro, work together and collaborate remotely with Cloud Projects or Productions, add motion graphics and visual effects with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Character Animator, make your video sound incredible with Adobe Audition, and collaborate seamlessly for review and approval with wherever your team members are located.

Adobe’s open and connected creative platform allows partners to bring their solutions into our ecosystem. Collaborating in this way is a win for everyone.

Benefits for customers

As an Adobe customer, the Adobe Video Partner Program helps you find your solution to bring an added dimension to your workflow:

Best-of-breed solution for enterprise and consumers

Our partner-led solutions are fully integrated with Adobe platforms and video applications. Find the one that works for you in the Partner Directory and browse more than 100 plugins and integrations that are right at your fingertips through Adobe Exchange within the Adobe apps and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Joint innovation

Adobe collaborates with partners worldwide to build, deliver, and maintain joint workflows that best meet your needs. We are constantly innovating to adapt to an ever-shifting media and entertainment landscape.

Streamlining complex workflows

Video editing can be a complex process, requiring intricate workflows and setups. The Adobe Video Partner Program offers a solution to this by providing a platform to connect with partners and Adobe, enabling you to find customer-driven solutions optimized with Adobe Creative Cloud tools.

Benefits for partners

As an Adobe video partner, you can take advantage of various opportunities that will help you grow your business with Adobe and support more customers:

Exclusive resources

Get access to a variety of exclusive resources that make it easy to develop and promote your solutions as well as collaborate with us to build your partnership as your business grows and evolves. Once your company is registered as a partner, you can access these resources in the Adobe Video Resource Center.

Regular updates

Be among the first to hear about Adobe product roadmaps, latest industry events, and customer-facing opportunities coming down the pipeline.

Easy access

Get easy access to Adobe’s APIs and SDKs as well as technical assistance to build your integration and optimize your solution.

How to partner with Adobe

There are three categories of partnerships in our program:

Technology partnership

We invite companies who develop solutions that enhance video, motion, and audio workflows to partner with us.

Whether you build an extension or implement hardware or software optimizations, if your company is committed to helping customers create amazing content with world-class solutions for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Audition and other Creative Cloud applications as well as, this partnership is for you.

How to join

Video solution partnership

From TV broadcasters to media agencies to Hollywood Studios, more companies are turning to cloud-based video production as a way to boost collaboration, accelerate production, and focus more resources on being creative instead of managing IT. However, no two video production environments are exactly the same.

Video solution partners help customers get the support they need for their specific ecosystem. This program therefore offers training for video system integrators to enable them to deliver consulting, support, and integration services to end customers, so they’re ready to tackle any company’s video needs. If you’re interested, just drop us a line!

Camera to Cloud partnership

The Camera to Cloud (C2C) Partner Program is a strategic program that targets specific workflows to help video creators to upload video and audio files from on-set hardware and software devices to the cloud, so that post-production can work in parallel with production.

The partnership offers a structured way for partners to build, test and deploy C2C connections from their products, and, if all steps are followed, achieve certification from for their device. This gives customers confidence that it has passed rigorous performance policies and meets the highest standards from our team.

How to join

Rethinking the future of video creation, together

The Adobe Video Partner Program transforms the way creative professionals produce innovative motion-rich content, ensures a seamless collaborative workflow, and develops custom solutions that enhance the joint customer experience.

For more information, check out the Adobe Video Partner website, which also features a partner directory that enables partners to showcase integrations and optimizations and customers to find the right partner solution for their needs.

By innovating together we are jointly rethinking the future of video creation, empowering video pros to realize their creative vision and produce their best work in an ever-changing media world.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reference our Program Handbook for more information or contact the Adobe Video Partner team via