Adobe raises the bar for e-signature solutions by adding Document Builder to Adobe Acrobat Sign for Salesforce

Sellers sell. That’s what they’re born to do. And that’s what the companies who hire them rely on them to do. But there’s so much more to making deals than the handshake. It still takes hours, days, and sometimes even weeks to track down all the required data and put together accurate sales documents. And the more time sales reps spend creating documents, the less time they can spend on selling.

From finding opportunities and creating relationships to understanding the customer’s needs and finding the right solution, the sales motion is definitely a process. Sometimes a long one. And that process is filled with documents — opportunity reports, RFPs, sales contracts, service agreements, and so many more.

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  • Introducing Document Builder for Acrobat Sign + Salesforce
  • Automated document generation
  • Automate end-to-end sales document workflows
  • A trusted solution
  • Unbeatable value — with no additional cost

These documents have traditionally been created manually because they contain customized data — SKUs, pricing, terms and conditions, policies, industry- or location-specific requirements, and more — that is specific to each customer, situation, and deal. Salesforce users typically store this type of information in Sales Cloud, which gives everyone across the sales organization access to pricing, product numbers, agreement terms, disclaimers, and legal fine print.

But that is about to change.

Introducing Document Builder for Acrobat Sign + Salesforce

For years, Acrobat Sign has integrated with Salesforce to help organizations like yours close business faster with trusted e-signatures. The ability to request approvals directly from within Salesforce and enable customers to sign in seconds from any device has significantly accelerated time to close and boosted productivity for everyone involved in the approval process.

Today, Adobe is adding Document Builder to Acrobat Sign for Salesforce — at no additional charge. Now you can automate the time-consuming process of creating sales documents and close deals even faster while freeing up your sales reps to do what they do best — sell.

Automated document generation

Document Builder is a strategic new addition to the Acrobat Sign for Salesforce integration that enables sales teams to automatically generate accurate, data-driven documents in Salesforce instantly.

With Document Builder in Acrobat Sign for Salesforce, your organization can:

Automate end-to-end sales document workflows

Acrobat Sign has been proven to help customers close business faster and reduce costs. According to Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact of Acrobat Sign report, Acrobat Sign delivered 30 percent faster transaction speeds, saved organizations an average of $21.50 per transaction, and generated a staggering 519 percent return on investment. And organizations that integrate Acrobat Sign with Salesforce boost productivity even more with the ability to send, track, and archive approvals inside the sales platform they rely on.

“The main win for us was that Document Builder simplified our app portfolio in Salesforce. Instead of using two software tools, we can now converge into one (Acrobat Sign with Document Builder). We don’t need to integrate the apps and it’s easier for us to support.” –Lighting and Energy Company

With Document Builder, Acrobat Sign can now automate every phase of the sales document workflow — from data-driven document generation to e-signatures and archiving — all within Salesforce. Acrobat Sign is fully embedded in Salesforce native objects and Lightning, so the user experience is easy and intuitive. In fact, Acrobat Sign has a 5-star rating on AppExchange. Document Builder works across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Health Cloud and Salesforce CPQ — making it easier and more cost-effective to automate document workflows in Salesforce.

Automated document templates virtually eliminate the time your sales reps spend researching and creating a wide range of agreements, which means they can increase their selling time, drive more opportunities, and close more business. And sending sales documents faster helps you stay ahead of the competition and increase win rates.

A trusted solution

At Adobe, the security of your digital experiences is our priority. Industry-leading security processes and controls provide unmatched protection for your company information. Single- and multi-factor authentication prevent unauthorized use. And Acrobat Sign encrypts documents and assets in transit and at rest. Once signed, documents are stored in Salesforce with a tamper-evident seal and a detailed audit trail, so you have a permanent, verifiable record of who’s opened them and who’s signed them. And our Notarize partnership provides instant access to an industry-leading remote online notarization experience with first- and third-party notaries who can notarize documents for acceptance in all 50 states.

Acrobat Sign also helps organizations meet the most demanding regulatory requirements and security standards around the world, including eIDAS and other certificate-based digital signature regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11. And it complies with global government electronic identification (eiD) platforms.

Unbeatable value — with no additional cost

Unlike other e-signature providers, Acrobat Sign delivers a broad range of prebuilt, native enterprise integrations and advanced features — including the new Document Builder — all at no additional cost. Standalone document generation solutions typically have a cost per user, which adds up quickly for large sales organizations. But Document Builder eliminates the need for additional solutions with additional price tags, while also reducing the number of software platforms IT needs to manage and support.

With its broad applicability, Acrobat Sign enables customers to standardize on a single, cost-effective document generation and e-signature platform that provides an end-to-end digital workflow throughout the entire sales cycle.

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