Celebrating the power of children’s imagination this Earth Day

We’re all born creative. As kids our imaginations run wild; we create new games, imagine new worlds and see life through an entirely unfiltered lens. But let’s face it, as we grow up, our imaginations fade.

But what if we didn’t curtail our creative powers? What world could we create if we applied the boundless creativity of a child’s imagination? This Earth Day, in celebration of creativity and sustainability - Adobe has paired the creativity of children’s imaginations with the limitless possibilities of Photoshop. And the outcome is nothing short of spectacular.

Working closely with Vaughan Primary School in Harrow, Adobe tasked Year 5 pupils to draw their own climate superhero with unique powers to protect the environment and combat climate change, aligning to this year’s Earth Day theme, restore our planet. We enlisted the help of some Photoshop experts to help bring their favourite climate superheroes to life.

The superheroes were brought to life by our talented digital creators Gemma Gould, Amrit Birdi, Corah Louise, Nuria Boj, and Tommy. The creators harnessed the kids’ drawings to create striking images that capture each climate superhero, with superpowers ranging from collecting plastic with long hair to growing plants through touch. The creations speak for themselves!

At Adobe, we believe everyone is creative and we all have the power to drive positive change through creativity. This project is a perfect illustration of that philosophy.

Thanks to our winners for their inspiring drawings: Josefia, Alexander, Maia and Alison. We can’t wait to see their reactions to the final work.

Happy Earth Day!