TeamViewer selects Adobe to deliver personalized digital customer experiences globally

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Since its inception, TeamViewer, a world leading provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions, has been installed on 2.5 billion devices including laptops, mobile phones and industrial machines globally. Its remote access and support software is used by SMBs, enterprises and non-commercial users and its AR-based workflow solutions are used across industries to digitalize manual frontline tasks.

To satisfy increasing customer demand for these services, TeamViewer needs to launch updates on its website quicker than ever – and in 18 languages globally. TeamViewer has selected Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences across all digital touchpoints spanning all regions worldwide.

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  • Fast publishing of new product pages
  • Supporting websites in 18 languages

Fast publishing of new product pages

By adopting Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, as its digital asset and content management system, TeamViewer is providing teams with smart tools to rapidly deliver digital content and ensure consistent, personalized experiences across its vast global customer base.

“We place a very high value on providing a seamless experience for our customers,” said Eduardo Bernal, Vice President, Digital Delivery at TeamViewer. “Using the flexible and agile capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager, we can release new product pages in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the effort, giving our customers and users all the information they need to get the maximum benefit from our products.”

Supporting websites in 18 languages

Adobe Experience Manager empowers TeamViewer to globally roll out new products on its website, including the latest release of TeamViewer Remote, and deploy new online services with local language translations – 10x faster than before. TeamViewer can also create over 400 forms to capture and process customer information, such as license purchases or support requests, using just seven master templates.

“As leaders in remote connectivity, TeamViewer understands that customers demand online experiences which leave them satisfied – every time,” said Luc Dammann, President of EMEA, Adobe. “TeamViewer’s expanded relationship with Adobe will enable it to meet the needs of a large, global customer and user base by delivering consistent and personalized digital experiences, no matter their language or location.”

To enable business continuity and minimize customer experience disruption during its website migration, TeamViewer used Adobe Experience Manager to create a streamlined hybrid website, ensuring a consistent experience for visitors browsing between the old and new sites. TeamViewer’s website now instantly recognizes a customer’s location, ensuring they are directed to the correct page in the appropriate language. Powered by Adobe solutions, TeamViewer now ensures every customer enjoys the same global brand experience, personalized to their individual needs and preferences.