Adobe Foundation and MoMA unite to support and showcase the next generation of creators

Image of Museum of Modern Art

Image courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art. Photo by Brett Beyer.

Involvement in the arts—at any age—has significant benefits. It’s the act of creative expression that helps to educate and engage, playing a crucial and impactful role in how we tell our stories. It supports the social and emotional learning needs of students, and their academic success. But in order for that to happen, everyone must have the same opportunities and resources to express their creativity.

Across the US, we’re seeing funding for art departments in schools decrease. In New York as an example, nearly 77% of public schools are facing this reality. Without arts education, academics are affected, and there are less opportunities for the next generation to explore and express their creative skills.

Expanding opportunity for young creators with MoMA

At Adobe, we are committed to building programs that empower creators from all backgrounds with the opportunity to share their stories and pursue their dreams. Through an Adobe Foundation supported multi-year collaboration, we're expanding our Adobe Creative Residency program, uniting with the world-renowned art institution, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), to provide greater access to arts education and public programming, to students, and the emerging creative community.

“Adobe x Museums opens the expertise of world-class art institutions to the next generation of creators, giving them an unprecedented opportunity to develop and showcase their creative expression,” said Stacy Martinet, Adobe Foundation Board member. “The Adobe Foundation is proud to be investing in this first of its kind collaboration, meaningful and impactful programs that make it possible for everyone to create, make their voices heard and share their stories with the world.”

Through Adobe Foundation funding and support, MoMA will work to triple its school and youth programming with New York City public schools, increasing annual capacity from 15,000 to 50,000 students, and will ensure more students have access to the arts and creativity education through integrated school curriculums. The creative programming will support highly diverse student bodies, including English learners, students with disabilities and economically disadvantaged students.

MoMA will host one Creative Resident in 2023, giving an emerging artist the opportunity to be mentored and collaborate on a project of their choosing, plus space to work, and unique access to an artist mentor, museum collections, staff expertise, and an opportunity to showcase their work publicly at MoMA during and following their residency.

“The Residency was huge for me, it allowed me to reset my creative north star. It helped me work harder, dream harder, travel more and to just try things without fear. Having mentorship, regular check-ins and folks invested in my work helped keep me accountable and focused on creating new work to really launch my career. I wouldn’t be the artist I am today without the Residency.”

- Aundre Larrow, Adobe Creative Resident

Greater access to the arts for all

By 2028, the Adobe x Museums program aims to reach 10 million young creators and students globally, across a wide range of artistic disciplines, through art, public exhibitions and digital outreach. Through Adobe Foundation support, $4.1 million in grants will be used to fund the inaugural year of programming for Adobe x Museums, which will support the evolution of the Adobe Creative Residency program and the participants, as well as expand access, giving emerging creators unprecedented access to unparallel creative opportunities.

MoMA will also be joined by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London (V&A) and alongside a growing cohort of our museum grantees, including the Museum of Art & Photography in Bangalore, India (funded by Adobe). Our hope through this work is to make creative expression, art, and education more accessible to all young people, so that they too can be inspired and encouraged to explore their creativity.

Details and more information for the Adobe x MoMA Creative Residents program will be available on at a later date. The Creative Residents program plans to expand partnerships with additional art institutions around the world. Learn more about the Creative Programming and Creative Residents efforts within the Adobe x MoMA Creative Residents program.

Adobe x MoMA Creative Residents

The Adobe x MoMA Creative Residents program will launch at MoMA later this year. This program with the MoMA is part of Adobe x Museums, which plans to expand partnerships with additional art institutions around the world.

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