Adobe Lightroom speeds up mobile editing and sharing with instant access to your photos and edit replay

Image of woman looking at phone.

Today, we’re unveiling two features in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for mobile that enable you to edit faster with instant access to your photos, and share your editing process with a video — all from your mobile device.

Edit faster with instant access to your mobile photos

(Lightroom for mobile, including iPad)

We often turn to our phones for ease and speed, and we know that many of you want to edit and share photos while the moment is still fresh. We've heard this feedback and are excited to introduce a new update that gets you from capture to edit in less time than ever.

Now, you no longer need to import photos just to see them in Lightroom for mobile. When you open the mobile app, you can instantly access your photos, videos, and albums from your Apple iCloud or Android Gallery, directly inside a new tab in Lightroom. This allows you to quickly browse and select any photo or video you want to edit — saving you time and helping you stay organized. You can also tap through the albums you’re already familiar with, so you can find a photo or video without skipping a beat. Simply tap to start editing and bring your vision to life.

Showcase your unique edit replay

(Lightroom for mobile)

Every day, people share photos they’ve edited in Lightroom by creating quick videos of their process. Now, we've made it easy for you to do just that with Create Edit Replay. You can create and share a before and after video that showcases the edits you’ve made to achieve your final look.

Show off your creative skills, connect with the community, and inspire others by letting them take a look behind the scenes at your unique editing style. See how our engineer, Julia, created and personalized her own. Make sure to tag @Lightroom for a chance to get featured and showcase your edit replay.

You can also use this feature to look through your edits and find opportunities to improve your process. For example, you may review your replay, find that your lighting adjustments were too drastic, and return to your photo to tune down your edits. You'll be able to create your own edit replay, beginning today, across all languages on Android and starting in English only on iOS devices (with more languages to come).

Reimagine what mobile can do

Lightroom became available as a free mobile app in 2015 to make photo editing accessible to more people, anywhere. Since then, the mobile landscape has evolved significantly, and people turn to their smartphones more than ever for photo editing and sharing.

That’s why we’re taking a fresh look at what mobile can do for photography. These two features, free to anyone with the Lightroom mobile app, are rolling out globally, starting today. We’re excited to introduce more enhancements in the coming months to make mobile editing faster, easier, and more intuitive than ever before. To be among the first to try these new features, please sign up for a chance to be part of our pre-release community and help shape the future of Lightroom for mobile.

By listening to customers like you, we can create a better mobile experience that can empower any photographer — no matter what skill level they’re at — to easily edit their photos wherever they are and achieve pro-level results.

More improvements to enhance your photos with precision

There are also several new updates for desktop and web that will help you fine-tune and adjust your photos just the way you want them.

Refine Saturation in curves

(Lightroom for Mac/Win, Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera Raw)

Adjusting the Curves to change the contrast of your photo can often have an unintended impact on the saturation. You can now compensate for that using the Refine Saturation slider, which enables you to fine-tune saturation and achieve the picture-perfect color values you’re looking for.

Image of red bird edited using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Images source: Katrin Eismann.

Grain in masking

(Lightroom for Mac/Win, Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera Raw)

The Grain controls are now available in masking, enabling you to enhance your photos by adjusting the amount of added grain to specific parts of your photos.

With this feature you can add grain to an out-of-focus or plain backdrop, giving it your own creative spin, or balance the grain structure. For retouched faces or softer areas of a photo, adding grain back can help create a more natural or consistent look.

Image of woman edited using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Images source: Katrin Eismann.

Linear and radial gradients in masking

(New in Lightroom on Web; already available on Lightroom for Mac/Win, Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera Raw, and Lightroom for mobile)

We’re continuing to improve Lightroom for web and introduce more advanced capabilities to enhance your photos. Edit specific parts of your photo by applying a mask based on a gradient and making adjustments to the selected areas. These features are new additions to the already existing masking capabilities on the web: Select Subject, Sky and Background.

Making selective edits without impacting other parts of your photo can help make the lighting work for you. Correct your image for highlights or shadows by applying a gradient mask to adjust the exposure, lighting, color, and effects for the selected area. You can also apply a radial mask to make a subject stand out in your photo.

Image of two boats edited using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Image edited using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Images source: Katrin Eismann.

Check out these new features starting today

The latest features in Lightroom for mobile will be gradually rolling out everywhere, starting today, and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store, Samsung Galaxy Store and Google Play Store. Check back to see if the latest version is available to you. The features in Lightroom for desktop and web are now available and can be downloaded via the Creative Cloud Desktop app.

Learn more about these updates and improvements to Lightroom: