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In the more than 3 months since launching our family of Generative AI models, Adobe Firefly, our community’s response has both amazed and inspired us. With millions of users from all over the world and over 1 billion images generated to date, Firefly is one of the most successful betas in Adobe’s history.

While Firefly users innovate in their use of generative AI our engineering teams have been hard at work to bring new features to life — from Generative Fill to Generative Recolor. And while we’re just getting started, with more exciting new capabilities planned to be rolled out throughout the year, today we introduce something close to my heart.

Write prompts in over a hundred languages

Our community is constantly teaching us and providing feedback, and we’re continuing to learn from them as we take on this launch journey together — what users love, what could be improved, and new ideas on how they want to use this powerful new medium. Not surprisingly, considering our global audience, the ability to write prompts in more languages is always top of the list.

As someone who grew up with a different native language in my home country of Romania, I understand this need deeply. It’s important to be able to express your ideas in a way that’s comfortable and familiar for you.

That’s why, today, we’re excited to announce that the Firefly beta website now accepts prompts in over 100 languages. Enter prompts in your language of choice to generate your creations with Text to Image, Generative Fill, Generative Recolor or Text Effects.

Adobe Firefly image.

Experience the Firefly beta website in more languages

We are also excited to announce the availability of the Firefly beta website in 20 languages in addition to English, starting with German, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese, with more language options in the coming weeks and months. The good news is that you can type prompts into any of the currently supported languages, on any of our newly localized websites to see your vision come to life.

Supporting the future of creative work, the world over

We look forward to hearing and learning from our global Firefly community (and you!) as we build Firefly to empower everyone to dream, explore, and grow creatively.


Alexandru Costin