How to research companies to prepare for interviews

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We know applying for jobs, going through interviews and the entire recruitment process can be a challenging! We’re here to make it easier. Our Talent Partner’s get a lot of questions around resume’s, interview tips, how to prepare, as well as many others, and our Asia Pacific Talent Acquisition team have come together to share their perspectives and expertise on a number of topics to help candidates set themselves up for success. In this article we’ll explore tips, tricks, and best practices on researching companies to prepare for interviews.

Check in with your network

Your current network of friends and ex-colleagues can a powerful tool when researching a company. You may know someone who currently works or previously worked at the organisation you are interviewing at who can help you to understand a lit bit more about the company. You’ll be able to gain a first-hand view of the company's culture, values, and working environment. This will allow you to prepare responses to questions accordingly and align them to the company’s expectations. Weiwei Pu, talent partner, Greater China, says using your network can be a good place to start:

Quote from Weiwei Pu.

Review the company website

Company websites are a great resource and a must visit for candidates. They typically will provide insights into the company's history and mission, what their main products and services are, as well as the values, which will help you to understand the company in much more detail. Artemis Greenwood, senior talent partner, APAC says that being able to know a bit about the products will give you good talking points during your interview:

Quote by Artemis Greenwood.

Additionally, the website can provide you with information on recent news, company events, and initiatives like DE&I, which can help in tailoring your responses to show off your knowledge the company.

Take a look at annual reports and memos

Annual reports can usually be found on a company’s website and will provide you information on their financial performance, growth, and strategic goals. Similarly, company memos will provide insights into recent news, events, and initiatives, plus give you a look at the company's communication style and culture. Emma Lyall, talent sourcing partner APAC, says that there are other benefits as well:

Quote by Emma Lyall.

Check out social sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor

Review sites have gained a lot of attention and Glassdoor will provide insights into the company's employee reviews, interview experiences, and company culture. There is usually an area that the company itself has updated for you to find out more information as well. LinkedIn has a diverse range of information about the company ranging from product updates to stories about employees. You can also find employees who currently work there to see what their titles, responsibilities, and backgrounds are which can help you tailor your approach and responses during the interview. Tara Groves, senior talent partner, believes these are great resources to use:

Quote by Tara Groves.