Introducing “In the Making”, Adobe’s new podcast for and about the creator economy

Woman sitting at a computer creating a podcast.

According to Adobe’s recent study, Future of Creativity, more than 165 million creators joined the rapidly growing global creator economy over the course of just two years. Additionally, around half of non-professional creators who are exploring creative side hustles and hobbies are now monetizing their content.

From Instagram influencers to small local businesses, people everywhere are harnessing the power of creative tools and social media to design not just brands and businesses, but also deeply satisfying careers. We’re delighted to launch a brand new podcast that celebrates this intersection of creativity, community, and business.

In the Making“, hosted by Adobe community leader and advocate, Teresa Au, features conversations with content creators, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, and small business owners to inspire anyone in the creator economy or wanting to join. The podcast explores the practical challenges and surprising rewards of this new way of working. Episode 1 is live now, and subsequent episodes will be published every other week.

We sat down with Teresa to find out what motivated her to create “In the Making”, how she chose the guests for each episode, and what we can expect to learn from the show.

Why did you decide to focus on the creator economy with this new podcast?

Around two years ago, I started a podcast for Adobe employees as part of my strategy to help executives, decision-makers, engineers, and product teams at Adobe to better understand our community. The pandemic had limited our ability to engage with our users on a regular basis. I hoped to show what it’s like to “live in creators’ shoes” by hearing from real people in their own voices vs reading reports and analyzing data.

My colleagues have shared that learning directly from these individuals about why, what, when, and how they create, the challenges they face on a daily basis, and the joys they find in creating has been super powerful. Plus, I wanted to highlight and amplify these human stories on a platform that can help not just the creator but others who are seeking to join the creator economy themselves.

How did you choose your guests for season 1?

I wanted to talk to creators with inspiring career stories — someone like the web designer Puno (see episode 1, available now), who quit her day job without a plan. It took her a while to figure out what to do next and how to structure her business as she went out on her own, so her thought processes are helpful to anyone considering a big change.

Some of our other guests, like former YouTube and Instagram product marketing manager Jon Youshaei, are experts in subjects that creators really need to know about in order to grow their businesses. And, selfishly, these are all just cool, funny, and great humans who I wanted to spend time with!

What can we expect to learn and take away from the show?

My goal is to offer both inspiration and practical tips in every episode — something that makes listeners think, “They did this, and I can do it too!” followed by “And here’s one thing I can do today.” If you’re motivated and feel connected to this wonderful creator community when the episode ends, I’ve accomplished my goal!

I am constantly in awe of these impressive creators who have set out to do what they love. Many have quit jobs to pursue their creative dreams full-time. Some work full-time and devote all their free time to a side hustle. Money isn’t the main driver — they’re driven by artistic passion and, often, also the desire to make the world a better place. It may sound corny, but it brings me so much joy to talk to people who are so true to themselves.

What are some of your personal highlights from the first season?

I thought creatives would want to protect their hard-won knowledge, and maybe be a little closed off — after all, these are competitive industries! — but instead I found that so many people are eager to share their journey with their community and fellow creators: lessons they’ve learned, things they wish someone had told them before embarking on certain projects, how to negotiate and monetize, and more. That was a really nice surprise and so heartwarming.

How did you get into the creative community yourself?

I’ve always been a creative person, and I’ve always paid attention to art and design. I’m someone who thrives and is most happy surrounded by creative people. I loved ballet as a child. And I worked in the fashion industry for many years in New York City, then jumped into the architecture industry before landing my dream job of working at Adobe, the go-to standard for creative tools and one of the best companies to work for in the world!

As a little teaser, can you share one tip for content creators with us based on the insights you’ve gathered from the conversations with your guests?

Whatever you do, do it in batches to save time. Record five videos instead of one, since you’ve already got your lighting and camera set up. Schedule three podcasts to drop while you have the publishing software open. Use the same video for TikTok and Instagram. A day, a week, or a month from now, you’ll be glad you did!

“In the Making” is produced by Chrysanthe Tenentes and Teresa Au, with Lisa Campbell. This season is supported by the new all-in-one Adobe Express and Adobe Creative Cloud. Learn more about this podcast, and find transcripts and resources, at