Bianca Beers talks navigating art, innovation and generative AI

Digital illustration of women with sunglasses surrounded by red flowers by Bianca Beers

Sydney-based multi-disciplinary artist, designer and content creator Bianca Beers is where bold innovation meets creative inspiration.

Since her artistic debut in 2017, Bianca has always aimed to create a sense of community and uplift others through her work.

Be it her captivating art, statement makeup or distinctive style, she brings colour, joy and meaning into everything she does. Bianca’s works are more than just art – they’re a vibrant celebration of self-expression and creativity.

We sat down with Bianca to chat about her creative endeavours, the evolution of art and the role generative AI might play in this.

Headshot of Bianca Beers edited in Adobe Express with a pink background and graffeti effects

Headshot created using Adobe Express

Tell us a bit about your background and what inspired you to become an artist?

I always loved art and DIY as a kid because my mum always encouraged my brothers and I to create — she’d spend time with us painting, and she’d bring materials home for us to craft with - that’s really where it all started for me. The joy of making and seeing all the beautiful things Mum could paint inspired me big time.

Plus, I am a Disney girlie! I am obsessed with Disney movies and always dreamed I’d end up animating for them. This never happened, but I found my own way to create, which I probably enjoy even more.

Fashion sketch of a women in coat and skirt surrounded by flowers by Bianca Beers

Tell us about a significant milestone or breakthrough moment that shaped your career?

There have been lots, but the first milestone that will always be remembered is when I was studying Cert IV in design at TAFE while working my casual job at a sneaker store. The head office of the store knew I was studying art and asked if I could design something for their upcoming Valentine’s Day campaign. It was unpaid, but they were going to give me some free sneakers, and it was my first chance to do art for an actual company, so I said yes.

When I was done, they sent the design in a lookbook out to all the brands they stock, like Nike, Adidas, Puma. A couple of weeks later, I booked a job with Nike. A couple of weeks after that, I booked a job with Tigers, then Puma. I never asked, but I’m sure it all happened because of that lookbook.

How do you see your art evolving in the future?

It’s really hard to say. I know I’ll be keeping it colourful; perhaps there will be some changes stylistically, but mainly, I think I will be adding new mediums. I especially want to incorporate clay pieces and add some more spiritual messaging and tone to everything. I think my career is heading down a more spiritual path, and I’d love to have my art within that mix.

What excites you the most about generative AI?

Taking art to the next level! There are so many little things you may want to incorporate into a piece that might be beyond your skill level. I’m all for learning new things, but sometimes, with tight deadlines, there’s no time. At other times, there might be a part in your piece that’s super fiddly and intricate, or maybe you want to quickly try a few different options for something like a font texture – the answer is in generative AI.

What are your hopes about the role of AI in the future of creativity?

I hope AI helps make artists and designer’s jobs more efficient, especially with regards to work made for clients. I also hope it helps creators express themselves exactly the way they want to, without taking away from their authenticity or what makes their work unique.

Digital illustration of a girl holding a vase of flowers

What’s the next big thing for you as an artist?

The next big for me would be a capsule clothing collection with a huge brand. I have something in the pipeline which I’m hoping will become a reality!

What advice would you give to artists just starting out?

Absorb art and culture and just get amongst it. Try new things, experiment, and have fun. That’s when your work is most authentic!

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