Adobe For All Days 2023 – Let’s Belong Together

Adobe for All Days- Images of a variety of different people.

Today marks the commencement of Adobe for All Days, our annual company-wide event where we come together to celebrate the uniqueness of Adobe’s people, product and purpose. Drawing on the vision of our founders Charles Geschke and John Warnock, Adobe has long forged a strong legacy of trust and a community of belonging by prioritizing employee wellbeing, nurturing lasting community partnerships, and remaining a thoughtful and responsible technology leader. In today’s increasingly divided world, this work is not only nuanced and challenging, but there is also always more to be done. It’s imperative that we continue to devote ourselves to evolving and upholding our commitment to Adobe for All.

The Adobe for All Days theme this year is “Let’s Belong Together,” an invitation for our community to unite in a shared understanding of the collective responsibility we each carry to develop a more equitable workplace. Throughout this week, each region will host a hybrid one-day experience that will feature guest speakers, employee storytellers, breakout sessions, and in-person fairs.

At Adobe, we believe it is our duty to pioneer change both in our workplace and the communities in which we operate. This belief fuels our commitment to creating opportunity for all, and I’m excited to share news about several initiatives aimed at enhancing our employee experiences and championing diversity, equity and inclusion at Adobe and our communities.

Supporting nonprofits through the Equity and Advancement Initiative

Last year, we established the Equity and Advancement Initiative (EAI) in collaboration with 11 non-profit organizations working as catalysts for change to promote equity and breakdown systemic barriers. Today, we are excited to share that with financial support from the Adobe Foundation, we’re granting an additional $10 million across the EAI cohort to further our efforts in upholding racial and social justice globally. The new grant brings the Adobe Foundation’s total support to $30 million across the nonprofits. With the EAI, we’re taking a unique, global and multi-pronged approach to nonprofit collaboration grounded in people, product and philanthropy. Adobe’s additional contributions — including product donations, employee volunteerism and pro bono consulting support — empower the EAI organizations to strategically invest in transformative actions that drive positive change in businesses and communities.

Expanding our support for minority-serving institutions

As part of our multi-year journey working with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), we are committed to addressing educational inequities in underinvested communities, democratizing digital literacy and creativity, and building a more diverse talent pipeline across the technology and creative industries.

We recently announced that Adobe, with financial support from the Adobe Foundation, will extend our support for minority-serving institutions by granting an additional $1 million each to Bowie State University, San José State University, and Winston-Salem State University. This brings Adobe and the Adobe Foundation’s collective funding to $9 million to-date across these universities to aid investments in student services, campus facilities and infrastructure, social justice efforts, professional development programs, faculty research collaborations, and more.

Adobe is also offering scholarship, mentorship, and career development opportunities to HBCU and HSI students. We hope to better equip the next generation of diverse talent with skills, experiences and other resources to successfully pursue their career aspirations.

Announcing new Adobe Accessibility Principles

We believe that accessibility is essential to delivering on our mission of empowering everyone, everywhere to imagine, create, and bring any digital experience to life. Our Adobe for All vision is about constantly striving to move the needle forward towards a more diverse and inclusive world. That's why we’ve long been committed to developing inclusive digital products and services that allow more than one billion people with disabilities globally to express their creativity.

Today, we’re reaffirming our long-time commitment to accessibility with the launch of new Adobe Accessibility Principles. Rooted in Partnership, Transparency and Innovation, our new principles will help us in making purposeful decisions about our products and services to ensure that we are innovating responsibly.

Guided by our new Accessibility Principles, we’ve also formed an Adobe Accessibility Board to expand our perspectives and build a global accessibility vision that prepares Adobe for the future. I look forward to being a member of this board, which consists of Adobe leaders from diverse functional backgrounds, experiences, and roles, who will lend their expertise to shape our accessibility strategy, hold us accountable on our progress and help us identify areas where we can improve.

Prioritizing the wellbeing of our employees

At Adobe, we’re committed to providing our employees with the support and resources they need to thrive, both personally and professionally. As we keep our innovation engine running strong and continue to raise the bar in all areas of work, we know that ensuring our collective wellbeing must be at the forefront of how we manage our teams, distribute work, and create a supportive culture. By supporting employee wellbeing, we are creating a more productive and engaged workforce, where our employees can do their best work and share in the company’s overall success.

Beginning next year, we’ll be expanding the scope of our Wellness Reimbursement Program to allow our employees to use the benefit towards costs related to financial wellbeing, pet care, and emergency preparedness. And with our expanded employee assistance program, Adobe will cover the cost of 12 therapy sessions (up from 10) for our employees and their eligible family members.

Closing thought

In pursuit of this year's Adobe for All Days goal to foster an inclusive workplace where we can all belong together, I’m proud of these new initiatives, which will have a profound impact on our employees and the communities where we work.

Let’s Adobe together.