Introducing The Creative Park at Adobe MAX 2023

4 men sitting against a black and white striped wall

Get the first look at Adobe MAX’s newly re-imagined 2023 Community Pavilion—now renamed the Creative Park. This year, you'll explore the four quadrants called Neighborhoods, each associated with a creative discipline: video, photography, graphic design, and 3D. The Adobe Experience will be featured in the center of the Creative Park and will serve as the hub for Adobe product demos and as the connecting point for each Neighborhood.

At the center of each Neighborhood are gathering places, identifiable by brightly colored environments: Video is purple, Photography is blue, Graphic Design is orange, and 3D is green.

Designed to immerse attendees in each Neighborhood discipline, these spaces meet, explore, chill, and build connections.

Central Gathering Place Features:

At the heart of the Creative Park, you’ll find the exciting addition of Adobe Theaters and the beloved MAX Store. These theaters are carefully curated with ample opportunities for attendees to participate in engaging discussions with presenters and connect with fellow event goers.

You’ll want to explore:

Check out the scheduler here.

Be sure not to miss out on:

There’s much more to discover in the Creative Park and we can’t wait to see you there in Los Angeles on October 10-12.