Adobe MAX: Meet 13 inspiring creators using Generative AI to boost their creativity

Collage of 12 creators to watch.

Recent advancements in AI have reshaped how we think about the world around us. If the last few months have been any indicator, it is becoming clear that we are entering a new era of creativity — one where generative AI expands access to powerful new workflows and unleashes our most imaginative ideas. We have seen Adobe Firefly, our family of creative generative AI models, cross a major milestone: Users have now generated more than 3 billion images since Firefly was introduced in March 2023, making it the most popular AI image generation model in the world — all in record time. Our community has shown us how Firefly can reshape the creative process, from driving ideation and increased efficiency, to unlocking magical design possibilities.

Today, Adobe is unveiling its Creators to Watch list for 2023, presented as part of Adobe MAX. From an illustrator using Generative Recolor to produce incredible new designs for greeting cards, to a photographer using Generative Fill to amplify the emotion in her work, Adobe is proud to showcase creators who are embracing technology to translate their ideas into digital content and physical assets.]

How Adobe Firefly is changing the creative world

Read on for more:

  • Rad Bali
  • Ann Havbo
  • Jayson Robertson
  • Brian Nielsen
  • Shelly Kim
  • Marina Williams
  • Tobi Shinobi
  • Lucas Wakamatsu
  • Matt Dombrowski
  • Sara Stepherson
  • Rachel Motley
  • Natalie Brown
  • Sara Sun

Rad Bali

Image of Rad Bali.

Rad Bali is a designer with over a decade of experience, having worked with technology startups from BenQ to NOMAD. Driven by deep curiosity in the creativity process, Rad is also a photographer and prolific content creator with over 332K followers on Instagram. Rad has been experimenting extensively with Firefly’s Text-to-Image technology, which he appreciates for the productivity gains and generating concepts during ideation. With Generative Fill and Generative Expand in Photoshop, Rad is upping his social media content and showing other creators what is possible, such as this incredible post that instantly placed him in different locations all around the world.

Ann Havbo

Image of Ann Havbo

Inspired by Japan’s calming nature and vibrant cities, Ann Havbo creates her gorgeous illustrations by mixing various techniques, including photography and AI. Firefly features like Generative Fill and Generative Expand in Photoshop have become essential parts of Ann’s workflow as they now allow her to save hours of tedious retouching, editing and paint-overs. Take a moment to join us — along with 219K Instagram followers — as we breathe and enjoy the peaceful beauty of Ann’s art on her wonderful profile.

Jayson Robertson

Image of Jayson Robertson

Jayson Robertson’s cinematic, atmospheric street and travel photo/video work never ceases to capture our imagination. Showing his over 222K Instagram followers what is possible with skilled use of generative AI technology, Jayson has recently been incorporating Photoshop’s Generative Fill into his video editing workflow on Premiere Pro to create stunning effects like this incredible clip of a road transported through various landscapes, this cool video which teleports you through Japanese urban scenes, or this reel which will take you on a neon trip through more bustling streets. Take a look at the inspiring visuals on Jayson’s Instagram profile.

Brian Nielsen

Image of Brian Nielsen
Illustration of a cottage by Brian Nielsen

Brian Nielsen’s enchanting illustrations never fail to captivate us with vibrant scenes that ignite our sense of wonder. Brian is a skilled Premiere Pro, Lightroom and Photoshop user. He immediately experimented with Firefly technology on the day Generative Fill first came to Photoshop – and found it to be a game changer. Now, with both Generative Fill and Generative Expand, Brian’s workflow has gained in efficiency: He can spend more time gleefully adding the unique details that make his art so full of joy and beauty, and so beloved by his over 186K Instagram followers. Check out more of Brian’s work on his Instagram profile.

Shelly Kim

Shelly Kim
A pink and blue background with flowers and rainbows

Shelly Kim is a lettering maestro, weaving words into visually pleasing art pieces, spreading love and positivity to her over 281K followers on Instagram. With her work ranging from digital illustration to physical greeting cards, to notebook cover design, and even puzzles, Shelly now leverages the instantaneous magic of Generative Recolor in Adobe Illustrator to expand on her joyful lettering work.

Marina Williams

Image of Marina Williams
Photograph of 3 women by Marina Williams

Marina Williams captures more than just moments; she captures feelings and atmospheres. Her photographic work speaks volumes about her ability to see the world through a unique lens. Don't miss out on her breathtaking portfolio on Instagram: Join her over 470k followers and get inspired by her clever use of Photoshop’s Generative Fill and Generative Expand throughout her latest work.

Tobi Shinobi

Image of Tobi Shinobi.
Photograph by Tobi Shinobi

With a flair for capturing urban landscapes and architectural structures, Tobi Shinobi’s work is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the beauty of our built environment. As he spent much of his artistic journey capturing equilibrium, symmetry, and unique perspectives, Tobi’s mesmerizing visuals echo the personal imbalances he’s grappled with and strives to express through his art. Tobi has mastered Lightroom for years, and recently expanded into Premiere and After Effects as he dives deeper into motion. With that, he’s now leveraging Illustrator’s Generative Recolor as well as Photoshop’s Generative Expand and Generative Fill to spark more inspiration — and further explore mood and lighting through the cinematic shorts and still photography work he shares with his over 168K followers on Instagram. Listen to Tobi on The Other Side of Fear with Tobi Shinobi as he joins our In The Making podcast and talks, among other things, about his thoughts on AI for creatives.

Lucas Wakamatsu

Image of Lucas Wakamatsu
Graphic by Lucas Wakamatsu

Lucas Wakamatsu is redefining the boundaries of digital illustration. His vibrant and eye-catching creations merge traditional and digital styles and truly stand out in a crowded field. Lucas has recently been leveraging the magic of Generative Recolor in Illustrator to create color themes and variations of his work. Check him and his colorful work out on Instagram.

Matt Dombrowski

Matt Dombrowski
AI generated image of a green prosthetics limb.

Matt Dombrowski is not just another creative director — he is a visionary in the world of accessible tech design. Leading the way at Limbitless, he shows what can be achieved when creativity and innovation meet social responsibility. Follow his journey on Instagram and read more about Limbitless on our blog to see how Firefly has helped him and his creative student team design stunning, cost-free, custom prosthetics and video games for kids in the limb difference community.

Sara Stepherson

Sara Stepherson
Photograph by Sara Stepherson

Sara Stepherson has an uncanny ability to frame life in a way that is both simple and profound. Her photography encapsulates the beauty found in everyday moments. Through her wedding photography, she’s perfected the use of Photoshop’s Generative Fill, Generative Expand and Firefly as a whole to bring lost loved ones into some of the most meaningful moments of her customers’ lives. Take a look at her work on Instagram where she shares her Firefly-powered tips and tricks with her over 152K followers, and read more about Sara’s story and creative approach right here on the Adobe Blog.

Rachel Motley

Image of Rachel Motley.
Image of a woman created by Rachel Motley.

Rachel Motley is a creative powerhouse. Whether it's illustration, collage, or any other medium she chooses, her work is a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and textures. A skilled Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Express expert, she now uses Firefly-powered features to create bold illustrations and collages filled with meaning and emotion. Generative Recolor, Generative Fill, and Generative Expand empower Rachel to get even more creative when manipulating backgrounds, recoloring parts of her images to appear more vibrant and extending image formats for social content. A self-described “stickler for the details”, Rachel cares deeply about photo composition. As she continues to delve further into mixed-media work and combines photo with illustration, Firefly provides her with the level of control and iterative freedom she craves. Explore Rachel’s multi-faceted portfolio on her official website.

Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown
Illustration by Natalie Brown

From murals to book covers for The L.A. Times, stickers for The Infatuation, ad art for Pilot Pens, merch, packaging and logos, Natalie Brown’s illustrations and hand lettering skills never fail to delight her audiences. Her joy-filled designs and expert use of color are now enhanced by her use of Illustrator’s Generative Recolor. You can peruse her work on her art portfolio and join her on Instagram.

Sara Sun

Sara Sun
Packaging by Sara Sun

Sara Sun has an exceptional eye for aesthetic detail — and her work in illustration and packaging is a cornucopia of bold colors and intricate details that bring products to life. Look at her Instagram to see how she uses Illustrator’s Generative Recolor to create beautiful color themes and produce her unique style.

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