Adobe upgrades Premiere Pro social and video publishing features; adds new Facebook, TikTok and YouTube integrations

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New video and social media export features makes it easier than ever to create and share content across platforms

Try Export to Social by starting a free trial of Premiere Pro or updating your Premiere Pro (beta) app today.

At Adobe, we’re always looking for ways to make it faster and easier for you to create and publish your content. Now in Premiere Pro (beta), we’re introducing new features to help you do just that — project templates designed specifically for social media and new export presets with direct integration for posting to popular video and social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

Create. Edit. Caption. Export.

Export to your favorite video and social media channels within Premiere Pro

The new Premiere Pro (beta) feature adds native integration support for posting to TikTok. This is in addition to our existing support for Facebook, Vimeo, X, and YouTube. Simply log-in to your video and social media accounts from right inside Premiere Pro (beta). You can create your posts, add captions, hashtags, and keywords and then upload them directly without ever having to leave Premiere Pro. All without compromising quality or the ranking of your videos!

Here’s an overview of the new features and what you can publish to each platform:

In addition to Premiere Pro, customers can also schedule and direct publish videos to TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, X and Pinterest all within Adobe Express — the all-in-one app for fast and easy social media creation.

Get started quickly with new project templates

Premiere Pro’s built-in project templates lets you quickly set up a project that's the right size for your social media destinations of choice. Social Media Project Templates let you quickly set up projects for publishing in the most popular sizes and layouts for each platform.

Screen shots os various social media templates

Social media templates contain various defined layouts for different video and social media apps.

To get started with a Social Media Template Project, follow these steps.

Add captions to make your videos more accessible

You can also automatically add captions to your video with Speech to Text, which will make your video more accessible.

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Use Speech to Text to create a transcription of your sequence and add captions, using the power of Adobe Sensei machine learning to match the pacing of the spoken dialog.

Export directly to each platform

When you’re ready to upload your video to your platform of choice, you can do so in a few simple steps from the export panel in Premiere Pro.

Screen shot of editing in Premiere Pro.
  1. Click on the sequence and select File > Export > Media. You can also simply click on the Export tab at the top left of the UI.
  2. Toggle on the destination of choice under the Publish section and log in to the video and social media platforms you would like to upload to. You can toggle on multiple destinations.
  3. Choose your export settings (the H.264 format and the Match Source — High Bitrate preset are the best options for social media)
  4. Enter any additional information you want to include, such as titles, hashtags and a description.
  5. Click Export. After the file has been exported, it will automatically and simultaneously be published straight to the video and social media platform(s) with the right specifications.

Save time and simplify your workflow

The Adobe Video Partner Program — a global network of 400+ of partners — is dedicated to improving the video-making process and reducing the number of steps necessary for video creators to successfully take a project from development through production and post-production to distribution.

Try Export to Social by starting a free trial of Premiere Pro or updating your Premiere Pro (beta) app today.