Adobe Stock adds Firefly-powered workflows

Image of a boba drink, shiny horse and woman created by Adobe Firefly.

Try Text to Image and Expand Image on Adobe Stock.

Today marks an exciting milestone as we launch the addition of Firefly-powered workflows to Adobe Stock Individuals and Teams customers — Text to Image and Expand Image. Now, in addition to licensing creative assets from the Adobe Stock collection of both traditional and AI-generated content, subscribers can use generative AI to take their creative needs from imagination to reality instantly.

At a time when all creators face a demand for new content, AI tools work alongside creators to enhance the process of ideating, experimenting, and transforming their work for quicker content production. Read on to see how these tools can inspire your creativity, streamline your design workflows, and help you bring your best ideas to life faster than ever

Transform text into unique visuals with Text to Image

Imagine being able to transform your concepts into captivating visuals with just a few simple prompts. Text to Image feature on Adobe Stock enables you to do exactly that, with the added benefit of intellectual property indemnification for Text to Image outputs. (Terms Apply).

Use Text to Image to:

Whether you're a seasoned designer or just getting started, this feature bridges the gap between imagination and reality, turning words into stunning images that will resonate with your audiences.

Extend backgrounds and more with Expand Image

Need to edit an image to fit a new aspect ratio? Want to extend a photo’s background to create space for your company logo, promo text, or other content? It's easy with the new Expand Image feature.

By simply positioning the image and expanding the boundaries, you can generate additional content that blends naturally with the original image. This intuitive feature streamlines the editing process to give you beautifully tailored images in just a few clicks.

Experience the future today with Generative AI in Adobe Stock

As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to a future with AI-powered creativity. Text to Image and Expand Image are just the beginning of an exciting journey that will redefine how you ideate and create.

Visit Adobe Stock now to explore our image and video collections ranging from quality backgrounds to intro videos. Try the new features — create something incredible today.