Breaking barriers with generative AI

Image created with Adobe Firefly by Cyrus Yoshi Tabar.

Image created with Adobe Firefly by Cyrus Yoshi Tabar.

What drives us to create? We often think of design, illustration, photography, and video as aesthetic mediums, but for the people who actually bring these pieces to life, there is an even more important driver behind their art: self-expression.

Creativity is the driver that inspires artists to share their personal stories. To bare their soul to the world and feel seen, heard, and understood in return. At its best, authentic storytelling breaks down the barriers between people so we can better appreciate each other’s unique background and perspective on life. And with the help of tools built on generative AI technologies like Adobe Firefly, Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models designed for safe commercial use, artists everywhere can express themselves and find inspiration in each other’s stories more easily than ever.

Take Cyrus Yoshi Tabar, a video producer creating an animated film on the first Japanese settlers in North America, who used Adobe Firefly to infuse a human element into his content workflow. Using the text to image capabilities in Adobe Firefly, Tabar was able to generate a wealth of beautiful frames for the film, which he then combined and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro to bring his vision to life. Or content creator Jayson Robertson, who uses the Generative Fill feature in Adobe Photoshop to make Sydney Australia’s buttoned-up central business district feel like a mecca of global streetstyle.

And they’re not alone. From Kuala Lumpur to Copenhagen, creators around the world are drawing on the power of Adobe Firefly to explore their identities, celebrate their cultures, and express their voices in a way that feels true and genuine.

Rames Harikrishnasamy reframes Hindu spirituality

Raised in a traditional Indian family, Rames Harikrishnasamy was made hyper-conscious of what was expected of him from a young age. Like the most respected members of his community, he was told he should aspire to honor his family by pursuing a career in medicine or law.

But Harikrishnasamy forged his own path instead. One that blended his passion for creativity with his commitment to Hinduism and his unfailingly positive outlook on life. The ah-ha moment came in 2015 when he decided to reframe people’s perception of their beloved Hindu gods.

Instead of the stoic, serious representations of Brahma, Shiva, and other deities found in most temples and religious iconography, Harikrishnasamy used Adobe Photoshop to humanize their likenesses. In his creations, the gods stand side-by-side with animals, pose peacefully without weapons, and dress in common, relatable clothes.

Harikrishnasamy’s career exploded as soon as he shared those early images on social media. He now receives thousands of DMs and commissions on Instagram each day. In 2019, one of Harikrishnasamy’s pieces was featured as the backdrop for the opening keynote at Adobe MAX, putting the Indian culture front and center in front of the world’s most influential creative minds.

Image created by Rames Harikrishnasamy

Adobe Firefly allows Harikrishnasamy to produce more work and reach more people than ever. Whether he wants to add a red sari to an illustration of a Hindu goddess or perfect the lighting on a piece directly from his imagination, Generative Fill has stripped hours from his creative process, which means Harikrishnasamy can focus on the substance of his creations rather than the logistics of fine-tuning them.

Joy Chiang blends Chinese art with cutting-edge design

As an Australian-Chinese artist, Joy Chiang straddles two worlds. That dichotomy is reflected in every aspect of Joy’s life, from her mixed background in urban planning and art to her paintings and illustrations, which combine traditional Chinese motifs with the latest design principles and technologies.

Image created with Adobe Firefly by Joy Chiang.

Image created with Adobe Firefly by Joy Chiang.

Above all, Joy’s creations are incredibly personal. In addition to infusing her paintings with ink and calligraphy brushes as a nod to her heritage, she also turned to art to navigate the challenges of early motherhood. The shift from working life to being a mom 24/7 was not easy, and the ability to manifest those feelings in a creative way, supported by the unique capabilities of generative AI, helped Joy to make sense of her personal journey.

As she explains, Adobe Firefly has opened up countless new avenues of experimentation and exploration in her art. “It feels like wielding a magic wand,” she says, one that allows her to “Conjure compositions, delve into materials, blend mediums, and explore diverse architectural styles.”

Drawing from her experience, Joy shared her sage advice for fellow creatives experimenting with Firefly. “Let authenticity guide you,” she says. “With [Adobe Firefly] so accessible now, let your imagination roam, it’s honestly SO fun.”

Rad Bali keeps it reel

Born in Slovakia, Raduslav Bali (AKA Rad) moved to Copenhagen for university and has lived there since. His multi-cultural background is reflected in the universal appeal of his content, which combines a unique aesthetic with Rad’s unequivocally honest and transparent storytelling approach. That approach is also reflected in Rad’s style, which is slick, direct, and striking in its clarity.

With Adobe Firefly’s automation capabilities, Rad can focus on creating unique and authentic content instead of spending excessive time on repetitive tasks. In practice, that means he can experiment with new techniques that make his videos even more eye-catching and engaging for his audience.

Playing with Firefly delivers some crazy results!

For Rad, the ability to chase new forms of authentic self-expression is key to connecting with his followers and maintaining his reputation as direct and honest. “Whether I’m delivering a tutorial on Generative Fill or sharing my thoughts on the latest Apple headphones, my goal is to entertain my audience while simultaneously building their trust,” he says. “Adobe Firefly has unlocked limitless ways for me to pursue that mission.”

Building community across cultures

Adobe is committed to championing creativity as a force for community and inclusion. As with any powerful new technology, we are passionate about developing generative AI features that transcend cultural barriers, eliminate bias, and make Adobe Firefly accessible and fun for every creator around the world.

Learn more about Adobe Firefly here, including the latest features we’ve rolled out to make our solutions as transparent and unbiased as possible.