Generation AI: Navigating a future with generative AI

Otherworldly rainbow colours with an Adobe A logo and Adobe Firefly generation type box

In an era of rapid technological advancement, generative AI is reshaping the way teams work and deliver experiences. It is not only enhancing team efficiencies, but also elevating creative capabilities.

At Adobe MAX, we spoke to leaders from Asia Pacific to explore how generative AI is revolutionising work and customer interactions, and what skills we’ll need in a generative AI-powered future.

Supercharging team creativity and efficiency

Generative AI is transforming the way teams collaborate and innovate, allowing them to reach new levels of excellence at an accelerated pace. It is enhancing their capabilities, helping them to streamline routine tasks and achieve more in less time.

According to Ravi Chandran, Senior Director at digital-first life sciences commercialisation business Indegene, “teams now have a new assistant” that is bringing greater speed and efficiency.

In addition to this newfound speed, it’s also bringing an enhancement to creativity, offering boundless possibilities to generate content at scale. It empowers teams to approach new ideas with a fresh perspective, leading to a broader range of innovative concepts and pathways.

Norman Pelaez, Design Lead at Australian retailer Woolworths Group’s in-house agency Greenhouse Collective, says generative AI frees his team to create “more meaningful and purposeful content for our customers.”

Quote from Norman Pelaez -Design Lead - Greenhouse Collective, Woolworths Group: "The advancements of Gen Al and the ability to be precise and purposeful with it will open so many doors for creatives to do things more effectively, bringing to life bigger and better ideas."

SangYun Yi, Vice President of Korean game developer and publisher Com2us, says generative AI is a powerful tool for creatives but will never replace the importance of human creativity.

Next-gen customer experiences

With generative AI, brands can craft premium content that not only meets, but exceeds customer expectations.

Alex Needs, Partnerships & Strategy Director of News and Current Affairs at Australian media brand Nine says When it comes to creativity, Generative AI opens up a new world of endless possibilities, allowing our original premium content to be distributed to new audiences at speed and scale. It sets a higher benchmark for creativity and viewer engagement.”

By unlocking the ability to produce content at an unprecedented speed, brands can focus their creative energies on crafting experiences that resonate deeply with customers.

However, successfully creating these experiences will depend on how well brands can integrate generative AI into their processes, says Ravi Chandran.

The skillset for tomorrow’s creatives

In a generative AI-powered future, adaptability and creativity will be paramount. It’s not just about having the right tools at your disposal but starting with a great out of the box idea.

According to Ravi Chandran, “a key thing will be how we train our teams. We need to make them tool aware, and more importantly, we need to make them aware of how to use prompt engineering.”

A willingness to try new approaches, refine techniques, and learn from both successes and failures will help teams interact with generative AI and leverage its potential to enhance the creative process.

“This is a really great time for people to play in the playground… It’s like we’ve just been shopping, and we’ve been able to say yes to everything and now we’ve got everything home. We need to know what to do with them,” says Alex Needs.

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