Sundance Film Festival 2024: Championing all creators, filmmakers and artists whose stories inspire us to dream bigger and change the world

Sundance Film Festival 2024 Dream Bigger.

Stories have the incredible power to bring us together and create impactful change in the world. Through our decades long support for independent filmmaking, we’ve committed to bridging gaps and learning how to better support, elevate and amplify underrepresented creators and ensure the stories that are on screen authentically represent and reflect the world we live in.

We’re excited to be back at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival — and in a bigger way — and proud to again not only be a leading sponsor, but together showing up in an even greater capacity to champion independent filmmakers and celebrate the next generation of storytellers.

It’s never been more important to support the incredible work of independent filmmakers from around the world and all backgrounds. Of the 82 feature films announced this year, 47 percent were directed by filmmakers who identify as women and 45 percent were directed by filmmakers who identify as people of color — a number that continues to increase every year. While there is still work to be done, we’re steadfast in our ongoing efforts toward increasing representation across the industry, and our goal is to be a catalyst to enlighten, educate and most importantly, propel more inclusive storytelling.

Showing up at Sundance 2024

For the sixth year in a row, Adobe’s creative tools are the leading choice with Sundance Film Festival filmmakers. And this year’s annual Sundance Institute survey found that Adobe Premiere Pro is the Festival’s most popular video editing software, used by 57 percent of Sundance films including “Dìdi (弟弟)”, “Will & Harper”, “FRIDA”, “Thelma” and “Little Death”. We also saw that 68 percent of this year’s entrants used either Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe to bring their stories to life, and 83 percent of the 2024 films used one or more Adobe Creative Cloud applications, also including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and the Adobe Substance 3D Collection.

Adobe on Main

For the first time ever at Sundance, Adobe will also have a dedicated location at 558 Main Street. Adobe on Main will be home to community events, product demos from Adobe experts, and where we’ll host filmmakers for in-depth conversations on the importance of diversity in film and why collaboration matters — with leading talent from some of the most anticipated films at the festival including Leslie Grace, Carla Gutierrez and Andra Day. Adobe on Main is open to filmmakers, film students and industry professionals. Details on filmmaker events, panels and how to RSVP here.

For more information on our panels and events, visit our Adobe x Sundance Film Festival 2024 Page

Easier, faster and more intuitive audio editing in Premiere Pro

We’re excited to introduce a new intuitive audio experience in Premiere Pro (beta) that now makes audio editing faster and easier than ever before. The latest update saves valuable time for experienced professionals while also enabling newcomers to access the right tools easily, without having to hunt through menus and panels.

These new innovations include interactive fade handles on clips in the timeline so editors can simply click and drag to create a variety of custom audio fades. Additionally, new AI-powered audio category tagging automatically identifies and labels clips with icons for dialogue, music, sound effects or ambient noise, giving editors one-click access to the most relevant tools for each type of audio. Redesigned clip badges make it easier to see which clips have effects, quickly and add new effects, or adjust effect settings. More modern and intelligent waveforms dynamically resize when track height is changed, while improved clip colors make it easier to see and work with audio on the timeline.

For more information on the latest Premiere Pro features and updates, visit here.

Paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse industry

Ahead of Sundance, we announced our first-ever Adobe Film & TV Fund to address the inequity in funding and career and training opportunities that exist today across the entertainment industry. This announcement builds on our commitment to creating greater inclusivity, access, opportunity and creativity for all. Since the Sundance Ignite x Adobe Fellowship began in 2015 and the Sundance Women to Watch x Adobe Fellowship in 2020, we’ve been able to support 143 filmmakers through both programs, that provide the necessary tools, mentorships and resources needed to take their careers to new heights, including having films featured at previous Sundance Festivals.

Join us in congratulating and honoring the four fellows from both Ignite and Women to Watch, whose films have been selected for this year’s Festival.

Sean Wang

2020 Sundance Ignite x Adobe Fellow
Director, Screenwriter and Producer for 2024 U.S. Dramatic Competition, “Dìdi (弟弟)”. Edited in Premiere Pro.

Image of Sean Wang.

Gabriela Ortega

2023 Sundance Women to Watch x Adobe Fellow
Producer and Actor, 2024 U.S. Fiction Short Film, “Border Hopper“.

Image of Gabriela Ortega.

Gerardo Coello

2018 Sundance Ignite x Adobe Fellow
Director and Screenwriter, 2024 U.S. Fiction Short Film, “Viaje de Negocios”. Edited in Premiere Pro.

image of Gerardo Coello.

Iliana Sosa

2020 Sundance Women to Watch x Adobe Fellow
Director, 2024 Episodic, “God Save Texas: La Frontera

image of Iliana Sosa

For 2024 in-person Festival goers, visit our Adobe at Sundance 2024 page to find out more about the events we’ll be hosting, how to join and to be part of the conversations. And for the latest updates on events, and interviews with next-gen filmmakers, festival directors, top talent and more, follow along with @Adobe on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.