Adobe Express and TikTok’s Creative Assistant unlock new content ideation possibilities with first-of-its-kind integration

Adobe Express and TikTok's Creative Assistant.

In a digital-first era, creating content that is adapted to a platform’s unique style and audience is more critical than ever for success. At Adobe, we're focused on delivering valuable new creative tools and capabilities directly into the hands of our users, empowering them to create with greater efficiency and impact.

Today we announced a first-of-its-kind integration with TikTok’s Creative Assistant to make ideating, creating and optimizing stand-out video content for the platform quicker, easier and more effective. TikTok’s Creative Assistant is now available as an add-on in Adobe Express, enabling brands, marketers and businesses of all sizes to brainstorm, create and even generate TikTok content all within one platform.

Previously available only in TikTok’s Creative Center, the Creative Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant that can intelligently collaborate with creators and brands on organic and paid creative content and supercharge success throughout the creative journey on TikTok.

Supercharging content ideation in Adobe Express

Starting in Adobe Express, creators have access to thousands of professionally-designed templates, Adobe Stock video clips, audio, stickers and an Adobe Express TikTok video creator. The Creative Assistant add-on helps users generate creative ideas and refine TikTok-first video content with best practices and trends, hashtags and insights, even generated TikTok scripts — so that every post can reach the right audiences with greater impact. And with just a few clicks, it’s simple to schedule and publish optimized content directly to TikTok — all without leaving Adobe Express.

How the add-on works

With Creative Assistant now available within Adobe Express as an add-on, users can:

Get started today

TikTok Creative Assistant is now available as an add-on for Adobe Express users in English on desktop web wherever TikTok is available. To try out the integration, log onto Adobe Express, start a new project and then head to the Add-on tab. From there, click on the TikTok Creative Assistant icon or search ‘TikTok Creative Assistant,’ and then select ‘Add’ to integrate into your workspace.

Need a little inspiration on how to use Creative Assistant? Here's a few suggested prompts to test it out with:

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Adobe’s open developer ecosystem

The TikTok Creative Assistant add-on for Express joins our growing developer ecosystem at Adobe. We’re making it possible for developers and partners to build integrations that offer new innovations like generative AI, help users collaborate better together, and facilitate custom workflows for business.

With the Creative Cloud developer platform, we laid the foundation for an incredible extensibility ecosystem. Now with Express add-ons, we are building the platform with user choice, developer innovation, and security, safety, and stability in mind.

Add-ons for Adobe Express are sandboxed from the core application, and APIs are designed to prevent exposure of sensitive information without explicit user consent. Plus, add-ons on the Adobe Express marketplace get automatically updated whenever the developer updates the add-on, and the update gets approved by Adobe.

Our principled approach will continue to encourage and inspire our developer community to build whatever they can dream up — unlocking new product value and new use cases and innovating in ways we couldn’t have anticipated. This is at the heart of Adobe’s commitment to democratizing creativity, and we look forward to seeing our developer community come up with many more new add-ons for Adobe Express.

To get started building your own add-on for Express, read here.

To learn more about our Open Developer Platform Principles, read here.

Content provided by the TikTok Creative Assistant is generated automatically based on information submitted by you. TikTok does not make any promises or guarantees regarding the content generated by TikTok Creative Assistant. It is solely your decision whether to utilize and/or publish content created using the TikTok Creative Assistant in ads or other materials. You are solely responsible for any content created using TikTok Creative Assistant, including ensuring that such content is accurate and compliant with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies, including, without limitation, the FTC's endorsement guidelines and all applicable TikTok platform policies including, without limitation, TikTok's branded content policy: Content created by TikTok Creative Assistant is not endorsed, sponsored, or approved by TikTok. The information you submit will be shared with our third-party service provider so that TikTok Creative Assistant can generate content for you. Please do not share personal, sensitive, or confidential information on TikTok Creative Assistant.