Adobe Acrobat reimagines documents for multi-format, AI-powered work

Image. of AI Assistant.

In today's digital age, PDF has become one of the most widely used mediums for exchanging and collaborating on documents. Adobe Acrobat, the leading platform for working with PDFs, has continuously evolved to meet the needs of our customers. Today, we unveiled major advancements in Adobe Acrobat that will expand what you can do with PDF and other types of documents, transforming Acrobat into multi-format, AI-powered environment for surfacing insights across documents, creating and editing compelling visuals and content and collaboration. To give even more people an opportunity to experience AI-powered document experiences, we’re also offering free, unlimited access to Acrobat AI Assistant from June 18 until June 28.

Bringing Adobe Firefly Generative AI to PDFs for the first time

Compelling visuals are becoming a must for impactful communication. However, for many of us, creating new or editing existing images is difficult and time consuming. With Adobe Acrobat's new image generation and editing capabilities, powered by the new Adobe Firefly Image 3, anyone can enhance or create beautiful new images and edit existing images directly within Acrobat. Firefly Image 3 offers massive advancements including image generation quality, better understanding of prompts and new levels of detail and variety that expand the possibilities for creative expression and ideation. This marks the first time a PDF solution is providing in-app generative image capabilities.

Edit Image and Generate Image in Acrobat utilize Firefly-powered capabilities like Generative Fill, Remove Background, Erase and Crop for easy image editing. Whether you’re a restauranteur refreshing your logo before a big relaunch, an entrepreneur updating visuals to customize an investor presentation, or an HR director at a large company looking to add images to text-heavy new employee materials, Acrobat’s new generative AI Edit Image and Generative Image features enable you to add a professional, creative polish to their documents.

Delivering more productivity and value with Acrobat AI Assistant

When conducting research, preparing for an exam, analyzing data, or reviewing meeting notes, information is seldom contained within a single document or file type. The new Acrobat AI Assistant features eliminate obstacles, making it quick and easy for everyone to extract insights and share information from documents.

With the new insights across documents in AI Assistant, users can now quickly identify key themes, trends, and relationships from selected documents and synthesize information into impactful content. For instance, a marketer researching ways to reach Gen Z customers can drag and drop PDF, Word, and PowerPoint documents into Acrobat AI Assistant. The assistant suggests prompts like "Give an overview of the key themes" and allows users to ask questions such as "What are the social media habits of Gen Z?" based on the content. AI Assistant generates answers from all the documents with citations, making it easy to verify sources or delve deeper. Users can also request to format the information for specific purposes, such as "Format this information into an email," which can then be shared with the team to inform a marketing campaign.

Enhanced meeting transcripts is the second, new AI Assistant capability that helps users get to insights faster. With back-to-back meetings being a staple of work life, it can be challenging to process all the information shared. AI Assistant recognizes that a document is a transcript and automatically generates meeting summaries, including main topics, key points, and action items—even sentiment from the meeting. This empowers knowledge workers to stay up-to-speed and keep teams moving in the same direction.

Since the beta launch of AI Assistant earlier this year, millions of users have already experienced a completely new way of working with their PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and more.

Our Ongoing Commitment to Responsible AI

Adobe AI features, including Adobe Firefly and Acrobat AI Assistant, are developed in alignment with Adobe’s AI Ethics principles of accountability, responsibility, and transparency. Adobe has created standardized processes from design to development to deployment, including training, testing, and a review process overseen by a diverse AI Ethics Review Board so customers can use the features with confidence. Adobe does not train the company’s generative AI models on Adobe customer data. Adobe Firefly is trained on moderated, licensed Adobe Stock and public domain images where copyright has expired and is designed to be commercially safe

We're thrilled about this next milestone for Acrobat as a multi-format, AI-powered platform for uncovering insights and creating engaging visuals for your PDFs and many other types of documents. As we push the boundaries of Acrobat and PDF, we look forward to collaborating with our global customers to experiment, learn, and offer more intelligent document experiences.