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Creator Class 2023

Elevating women’s stories.
As an Official Partner of the National Women’s Soccer League, we’re proud to share the work of our inaugural Creator Class, chosen for their creative talents and passion for soccer.

Inspired by the NWSL and their favorite teams, each creator is developing projects throughout the season. See how they push creative boundaries to make it bold, and how they’re driven by the excitement of the game and the fans who make it possible.

  • Krystina Brown
  • Yadi Liu
  • Ashley Taylor
  • Rosie White
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Kristna Brown

Krystina’s Project 2: The Fans

My second project centers around the uniqueness and creativity of fans in women's soccer. Local fan support and culture is important, and I wanted to capture a bit of that with members of the Washington Spirit's supporter groups, Rose Room Collective and the Spirit Squadron. This project also shows off fan creativity through images of tifos, posters, drums, and activities at games. The soccer field lines surrounding the pictures represent the connection between fans and the beautiful game.

Krystina’s Project 1: The Game

This series of photos I’ve taken represents what the game of footy means to me, from the joy of watching Washington Spirit games in person down to the small details on the pitch. It’s the first year the Spirit are playing all of their home games in the district, so I’ve included photos taken throughout the city. I chose black-and-white photography to reflect this year’s rebranding of the team and wrapped the player names within the shape of the team crest.

Krystina Brown, Washington, DC

Creator Class team partner: Washington Spirit

Photographer, graphic designer, and sports lover Krystina Brown is always looking for moments that deliver emotional impact. Whether watching women’s soccer on TV or in person, she finds inspiration in the athletes’ abilities and performance. As a member of the Creator Class, she looks to capture the excitement of NWSL — from big matchups to little moments on the field. Check out some of her work at kgabriellephoto.com or @krystinagabrielle

Yadi’s Project 2: The Fans

In this project, I use the enthusiasm of fans to express sportsmanship. A diverse crowd gathers together to cheer for the players and in a moment, everyone unites as a whole. I used passionate music and bright colors to reflect the unwavering, spiritual connection between the game and the public.

Yadi’s Project 1: The Game

Using rhythmic audio to emphasize the vitality and passion of the game of soccer, my video shows how all the players are working hard in the center. There’s intensity, but also a joyful atmosphere represented with bright colors and lively music.

Yadi Liu, New York, NY

Creator Class team partner: NJ/NY Gotham FC

Visual artist Yadi Liu believes that art can express life’s truths, including the beauty she sees around her in various forms — the human body, nature, architecture, and relationships. As a member of the Creator Class, she seeks to portray the diversity and inclusivity of teamwork and the fierce, competitive spirit of NWSL players as they push themselves and their opponents to their limits. Explore her illustrations at yadiliu.com or @yadiiart

Ashley’s Project 2: The Fans

My second project comprises 35 handprinted screen prints that pay homage to the devoted fans of the Orlando Pride. Layered imagery conveys the unwavering loyalty and passion of the supporters at home and in the stands. Dedicated to the enduring connection between the fans and their beloved team, these prints utilize bold color to depict the vibrant spirit and energy that make being an Orlando Pride fan so great.

Ashley’s Project 1: The Game

“My love letter to soccer” is a heartfelt homage to the beautiful game. I show how soccer has profoundly shaped my life, molded my identity, and imparted invaluable lessons at every turn. After dedicating years to playing, I made a leap into the world of art and design. Surprisingly, despite not possessing the same skillset as my peers, the wisdom I gained from soccer became my hidden advantage. It ignited an unwavering determination, resilience, and adaptability, serving as the bedrock for my creative career.

Ashley Taylor, Orlando, FL

Creator Class team partner: Orlando Pride

Graphic designer Ashley Taylor favors bold illustration, strong typography, and bright colors — a style that matches her passion for soccer. As a former player, she learned about dedication and how to grow from your mistakes. As a member of the Creator Class, she’s inspired by the positive impact today’s NWSL players have on younger generations and looks to showcase fans and players alike. Find samples of her designs at cringeworthy.us or @the_ashbash

Rosie’s Project 2: The Fans

Welcome to a global celebration of the beautiful game powered by passionate fans like you. With your unwavering dedication, the stadiums come alive, exuding an electrifying energy that transcends borders. Together, we cultivate the essence of the game, forging connections and nurturing a vibrant community. Through your boundless creativity, the possibilities become endless, and every moment gains significance. Your invaluable contributions transform the game, making it a symbol of unity, purpose, and pure joy.

Rosie’s Project 1: The Game

“Thanks teammates” is a playful and personal homage to the remarkable power of women's soccer and the athletes I’ve been lucky enough to call my teammates. It’s a letter of gratitude to the players on OL Reign, and a celebration of the unyielding grit and spirit of the players that inspires me and the world around them.

Rosie White, Seattle, WA

Creator Class team partner: OL Reign

Graphic designer, photographer, and former professional soccer player Rosie White enjoys creating art that makes people feel a variety of emotions, from empowered and happy to included, curious, and moved. As a Creator Class member, she looks forward to portraying the inspirational strength and power of NWSL athletes. See her designs, photos, and more at movewithjustb.com or @rosiewhite