Les 24 meilleurs tweets, photos et vidéos de OFFF 2015

OFFF c’est… et bien, c’est compliqué

OFFF c’est fou. OFFF c’est bizarre. OFFF c’est de l’art. OFFF c’est beaucoup à la fois et c’est ce qui en fait son charme.

C’est cette diversité qui nous a autant inspirée ces dernières semaines avec un pic entre le 28 et le 30 mai. OFFF c’est faire les choses différemment mais aussi et surtout les réaliser. OFFF ayant un sens différent pour chaque personne, nous avons décidé de regarder les meilleurs tweets, photos et vidéos pendant l’évènement pour savoir de quoi parlaient les visiteurs à OFFF 2015.

OFFF c’était une communauté

#OFFF15 pic.twitter.com/UI2fDqvgdr

— Alexis Réalta (@brigsdigital) May 28, 2015

Word of the day – C o l l a b o r a t e #OFFF15

— Аняня (@sviyago) May 28, 2015

Adobe Creative cloud x @VasavaStudio rocking the stage @OFFFest #MakeItUnmasked pic.twitter.com/dX72fz2QxS

— Bram Vanhaeren (@BramVanhaeren) May 28, 2015

So today I want to talk more about the #Offf visitors. So I just set up http://t.co/WjKC2TRGQx let the unmasking begin! #MakeItUnmasked

— Ramin Bahari (@RaminBahari) May 29, 2015

OFFF c’était créer des choses sur le pouce

Adobe previews three CC apps coming to Android @CreativeBloq http://t.co/1O35l4Nwit #OFFF15 #MakeItUnmasked

— Adobe France (@AdobeFrance) May 28, 2015

Loving this print from our Make It experience at #OFFF15 #MakeItUnmasked pic.twitter.com/G1hZBvSAIV

— Anja Paetzold (@misspaetzold) May 29, 2015

My creation on the #adobe #makeit booth at #OFFF15 with adobe Shape and a Risograph pic.twitter.com/etHxY2Je7z

— Michael Chaize (@mchaize) May 28, 2015

The #Adobe shape App is just amazing. Thanks @mchaize for the short tutorial. #OFFF15 https://t.co/rwhZ124Ayt

— Florian Junk (@junk_f) May 28, 2015

First #risograph from @offfest ! Come pick one up at our Make It booth! #MakeItUnmasked #adobe

A photo posted by Mr. Talin Wadsworth (@mrtalin) on May 28, 2015 at 6:24am PDT

OFFF c’était être original parce qu’on en a le droit

Had fun making this cute little robot today.

A photo posted by Rachel Robertson (@rachelmrobertson) on May 30, 2015 at 3:04pm PDT

Nothing like a chandelier…. Made of knifes…. Hanging above ones head to make you feel at ease. #Barcelona #OFFF15 pic.twitter.com/Cfjbl0eiYR

— Ricky Martin (@RexMartin) May 28, 2015

A card game looks like it was designed in the future! #OFFF15 pic.twitter.com/20kMrevWkB

— Dave Wright (@leftydaw) June 1, 2015

How nice. They—#offfest—gave me a book.

A photo posted by Daniel Bruce (@danielbruce) on May 29, 2015 at 12:35am PDT

The prize for today’s most unusual interview scenario goes to… @jogulliver @HectorAYU @ComputerArts #OFFF15 pic.twitter.com/qWEl46nOhh

— Julia Sagar (@JuliaSagar) May 29, 2015

OFFF c’était rencontrer les plus grands

It was a privilege to meet #StephanSagmeister at @offfest in #Barcelona and learn from his extensive experience giving a talk about #beauty in #details vs dull #simplicity. Thank you Stefan. #OFFF15 #design

A photo posted by WonderEight (@wondereight) on Jun 1, 2015 at 5:00am PDT

Lucky #sebastianreed getting #MakeItUnmasked with @sagmeisterwalsh getting tips for his Behance Portfolio pic.twitter.com/UrtAMWAuNs

— Adobe España (@AdobeES) May 29, 2015

OFFF c’était avant tout donner vie à des idées

18 tips for launching a film project with no budget: http://t.co/zfOo1m8UzA @PostPanic_ @OFFFest #OFFF15 pic.twitter.com/Fif1lIEaI6

— Creative Bloq (@CreativeBloq) May 29, 2015

My own #OFFFest experience unmasked on my blog – http://t.co/qxjhP7vgJE #MakeItUnmasked

— Bram Vanhaeren (@BramVanhaeren) May 30, 2015

“The friction between creativity and expression is disappearing.” @mchaize #MakeItUnmasked #OFFF15 http://t.co/IY5PLxygH3

— Adobe UK (@AdobeUK) May 28, 2015

Quote of the day. #snask #snasksthlm #offf15 #makeenemiesandgainfans #quotes #pink #doitwithpassion #havefun #gogogo

A photo posted by antonleroy (@antonleroy) on Jun 1, 2015 at 1:49am PDT

The path of creative industry in Behance #offf #OFFF15 #behance #Adobe #vasava #graphic #design pic.twitter.com/JvsQBy29Rr

— Fabrizio Soldano (@fabsoldano) May 28, 2015

Is there a formula for good design? @JuliaSagar shares her views from #OFFF15 http://t.co/OGgPp6RpHH #MakeItUnmasked pic.twitter.com/TIovLfCzAz

— Adobe UK (@AdobeUK) May 29, 2015

If you are a dreamer, find a doer. If you are a doer, find a dreamer @mchaize #OFFF15 #MakeItUnmasked pic.twitter.com/RNK6kPMA4l

— Monica Javanainen (@MJavanainen) May 28, 2015