The 8 most colourful pictures we found on Twitter this month

If you’ve been following us these last few weeks, you know we’ve been all about colour during March. After all, there’s no denying the importance of colour for creatives and how it can make our daily routines more exciting if we just learn to observe and explore the details. This can happen in your own home, but you can also find colour in your workplace, explore colour in your commute or explore the colourful side of your city.

We’ve also hosted a couple of competitions where you could win a one-year Creative Cloud subscription by sharing your best colourful pictures with #InspiredByColour. We’re super proud of the winners and would like to thank them once again for sharing such inspiring photos with us! As a bonus, we’ve also created beautiful colour palettes for their work, using Adobe Color CC.

Which one of these is your favourite? Let us know on Twitter: @AdobeUK.

Winners of the ‘red’ challenge

@AdobeUK Weekly Colour Challenge, Week 3 – Red on your Commute – Mirror #InspiredByColour

— Rachel Webb (@spiderchic87) March 20, 2015

Rachel, from the UK, was among the most prolific photographers this month. Congratulations, Rachel!

And this is Rachel’s image, in palette form.

@AdobeDACH wurde leider bei GNTM abgelehnt 😉 #InspiredByColour :red — Oliver Tringler (@OliverTringler) March 20, 2015

Oliver, from Germany, got fruity on his approach. This is great!

Oliver deserves his own colour palette too.

Inspired by red, is it red or small that makes it cute? @AdobeNederland #InspiredByColour

— René van der Waals (@RenevanderWaals) March 22, 2015

Size doesn’t matter if you want to do something creative. Amazing, René!

And this colour palette fits perfectly!

#InspiredByColour @AdobeFrance cc @mchaize (en “l’absence de touristes” en mars, on voit pas [de] rouge, on compose) — T. (@Pocketbook1bis) March 19, 2015

We just love the playfulness of this great picture we got from France. Congratulations!

So we also played around with Adobe Color CC and made this.

Copenhagen Postman @AdobeNordic #InspiredByColour

— Marianne Godskesen (@godske) March 25, 2015

Postmen in Copenhagen never looked so colourful. Thank you Marianne!

Did you order a colour palette? Just sign here.

Winners of the ‘green’ challenge

@AdobeUK I love this intriguing green door at the back of a neighbour’s cottage… #inspiredbycolour — Di Coke (@SuperLuckyDi) March 29, 2015

And quite intriguing it is. Great photo!

We love the balance of the colour palette too.

@AdobeDACH: Eines meiner besten Green-Bildern #InspiredByColour

— Jonas Oelke (@JonasOelke) March 26, 2015

Nature at its best. Fantastic!

Some colour combinations are just bliss. This is one of those cases.

Grote schoonmaak @AdobeNederland #InspiredByColour — Patrick van Engelen (@Engelvliegt) March 26, 2015

Colour to clean the soul. Thank you Patrick!

Here’s the colour palette for your photo, Patrick.