Adobe XDをもっと使いこなすヒント! 第34回 方眼グリッドでパスの描画を分かりやすく


Adobe XDをもっと使いこなすヒント!

この連載では、Adobe XDを便利に使うための様々なテクニックを、Adobe XDチームのツイートからピックアップしてご紹介します。今回は、パスツールと方眼グリッドを組み合わせた使用例を紹介する12のツイートを取り上げます。

Tip 1. 方眼グリッド上でパスを描く

#adobexd #protip Turn on your artboard’s square grids while drawing with the pen tool, as points will snap to the grid, making precision and symmetry that much easier. #adobexd

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) March 29, 2019



#adobexd #protip While you’re editing, you can move any of the points by dragging them. If you want to move the start point, hold down Cmd when first selecting the start point. Let go of it while dragging to enable snapping. @adobexd

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) April 12, 2019

編集中にアンカーポイントを移動したい場合は、ポイント上にマウスを移動してドラッグします。開始点をドラッグするときはCmd (Mac) またはCtrl (Win)キーを押しながらドラッグします。


#adobexd #protip Once you’re drawing, you don’t have to always close your path. Once you’ve dropped your last point, press Escape to complete the path and stop drawing. @adobexd

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) April 5, 2019



Tip 2. パスにアンカーポイントを追加/削除する

#adobexd #protip Once you have a path object selected, double click to edit its points. You can then select and adjust any of the path’s points. @adobexd

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) April 1, 2019


#adobexd #protip Once you’re in path edit mode, hover over the path and click to add additional anchor points. @AdobeXD

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) April 2, 2019


#adobexd #protip When editing your path, select any anchor point and press Delete to remove it from the path. @adobexd

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) April 17, 2019


#adobexd #protip When you’re in the middle of drawing a path, delete the last anchor point by holding down Alt/Opt while pressing delete. @adobexd

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) April 18, 2019

なお、パスを編集中に最後のアンカーポイントを削除することができます。Alt+Opt (Mac) またはAlt+Shift (Win)キーを押しながらDelキーを押下します。

Tip 3. ペンツールでベジェ曲線を描く

#adobexd #protip Click and drag to draw a curve instead of a point while using the pen tool. @adobexd

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) April 15, 2019


#adobexd #protip While closing a path using the pen tool, click and drag on the start point to close the path and convert it to a curve at the same time. @adobexd

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) April 16, 2019


Tip 4. 角をベジェ曲線に変える

#adobexd #protip Once you’re editing the path, double click any of the anchor points to convert from hard angle to curve. @adobexd

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) April 3, 2019



Tip 5. ベジェ曲線の形状を調整する

#adobexd #protip Once you have converted a corner to a curve, you can move the control points in any direction to increase the curve or change its angle. @adobexd

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) April 8, 2019



#adobexd #protip Unlink the control points in your Bezier curve by holding down the Alt/Opt key when you first drag. After the initial drag, the two control points will be unlinked. @adobexd

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) April 10, 2019

左右非対称な曲線にしたい場合は、Alt+Opt (Mac) またはAlt+Shift (Win)キーを押しながら曲線の形状を変更すると、片側だけを操作できるようになります。