Adobe XDをもっと使いこなすヒント! 第47回 共有モードでアートボードを公開する手順


Adobe XDをもっと使いこなすヒント!

この連載では、Adobe XDを便利に使うための様々なテクニックを、Adobe XDチームのツイートからピックアップしてご紹介します。今回は、XDに新しく追加された共有モードを使ってアートボードを共有する方法についての7つのツイートを紹介します。

Tip 1. 共有するアートボードを選択する

#AdobeXD #ProTip When you switch to Share Mode, you will automatically see what will be included in the share. If you have a home artboard set, all artboards connected to it are included. @AdobeXD

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) January 8, 2020



Tip 2. 共有目的に応じてオプションを選択する

#AdobeXD #ProTip In Share Mode, you can select between presets depending on what your target audience is, or control the parameters yourself via the “Custom” selection. @AdobeXD

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) January 9, 2020



Tip 3. 共有リンクを作成する

#AdobeXD #ProTip Click on “Create New Link” to create a web prototype. Afterward, you can update the link with additional changes to either your work on canvas or changes to your prototype settings. @AdobeXD

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) January 10, 2020


#AdobeXD #ProTip Make sure you copy a fresh URL when you update to and from full screen; your new link will have information in it that will launch your prototype with no visual distractions. @AdobeXD

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) January 15, 2020


Tip 4. コメントの可否を設定する

#AdobeXD #ProTip Enable commenting in Share Mode’s custom setting to offer your recipients the ability to comment directly on your interactive web prototypes and design specs. @AdobeXD

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) January 14, 2020


Tip 5. 共有するページの操作方法を指定する

#AdobeXD #ProTip Hotspot hints enable your stakeholders to see a brief prompt of the clickable areas are in your prototype. Turn it off when testing your prototype to get the cleanest results! @AdobeXD

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) January 16, 2020


#AdobeXD #ProTip Want to turn off the ability to page through the web prototype? Turn off the controls when publishing your prototype in Share Mode. @AdobeXD

— Elaine Chao (@elainecchao) January 17, 2020