Bates Numbering Across a PDF Portfolio

Bates Numbering is the consecutive numbering of legal documents.

With Acrobat 9 Pro, you can Bates number all of the files in a PDF Portfolio in a single step, even converting common Office formats automatically along the way. Keeping all the files in a PDF Portfolio is convenient and makes it easy to deliver and maintain the document set.

Bates Numbered document

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In this article, I’ll discuss how you can Bates number across a Portfolio, and also discuss a few limitations.

Bates Numbering Across a Portfolio

To Bates across a Portfolio:

  1. Close the Portfolio if it is already open.
  2. Choose Advanced—>Document Processing—>Bates Numbering—>Add
  3. Click the Add Files button and locate the Portfolio you wish to process
**Bates Number Multiple Portfolios **You can number across multiple Portfolios if needed.
  1. Bates Numbering Add file window
  2. Click the _Output Options _button to get to the Output options window:
  3. Bates Options window
    1. Set the destination to create a new, Bates Numbered PDF Portfolio
    2. Enable to create a log fileof the Bates Numbering operation.
**File Naming Options do not Function **Although available, File Naming options in the window above do not work with Portfolios. If you try any of the renaming options, it will only rename the Portfolio itself.
  1. Click OK to open the Bates Numbering window

The Bates Numbering Window

The Bates Numbering window allows you to set various options for the appearance and placement of the Bates Number:

Adding the Bates number to the Header and Footer

  1. Save settings for reuse
  2. Set margins for placement of the Bates number
  3. Choose Font, Size, Style and Color of Bates number
  4. Choose to shrink documents which do not have adequate margin:
  5. Bates Appearance Options
  6. Place text, dates, endorsements or Bates numbers in the left, center or right of the top and bottom of pages
  7. Insert a Bates Number:
  8. Bates Insert window
  9. Note that you may start at any arbitrary number and add a prefix or suffix.
  10. Preview the placement of the Bates Number on the page

Warnings, Limitations and Tips

Acrobat can Bates Number across a Portfolio, but there are a few things you should know, and in some cases, some downright weird behavior:

Warning! Acrobat will convert non-PDFs . . .

Acrobat will convert any files it knows how to convert (Word, Excel, TIFF, JPEG) etc. during the conversion process.

If you use the default Bates setting to overwrite your files it will delete the original files from the Portfolio and replace them with PDF versions!

Please follow my recommendation above to use the Output Options window to create a new, Bates-numbered PDF Portfolio.

Converting non-PDFs to PDFs in a Portfolio

Numbering Order

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