Where is the Typewriter Tool in Acrobat X?

Acrobat running on a laptop

If you still have Acrobat X, this article will help you find the Typewriter tool. If you have newer versions of Acrobat, and use Document Cloud, be sure to check out our help and community pages for up-todate information.

How do I find the Typewriter tool in Acrobat X?

With the changes to the user interface in Acrobat X, a few folks haven’t been able to find the Typewriter tool.

Don’t feel bad, you’re not the only one!

Adobe renamed the tool to make it easier for new users to find.

That probably won’t make you feel better . . .

The Typewriter tool is now called Add or Edit Text Box.

To get to it, open the Tools panel, then twirl down the Content section.

Acrobat X Quick Tools Bar

One nice new feature of Acrobat X is the new Quick Tools bar.

This toolbar at the top of the application window offers fast access to frequently used tools.

If you use the Typewriter tool regularly, you might try adding it to the Quick Tools bar:

  1. Right-click on the Add or Edit Text Box tool
  2. Choose Add to Quick Tools bar
  3. Acroabt menu item

Now, it’s easy to access the Typewriter tool whenever you need it:

Using the QuickTools bar in Acrobat X

Changing the Font and Style

After you click the Typewriter tool, a toolbar will open which will allow you to change various characteristics of your text:

Typewriter toolbar in Acrobat X