Creating CDs in Adobe Audition: Part 1

Adobe Audition CS6 offers several different ways of creating audio CDs. In this first post, I’m going to show you the quickest, simplest way to create a multi-track CD from a single file recording.

For this example, I downloaded an hour-long Grateful Dead performance * from and opened it in Audition. My first step is to make a selection around each song and create a CD Track Marker. CD Track markers automatically conform to the minimum increment durations defined by the Red Book Audio CD standard, and are used by Audition when exporting a file to CD. You can use the SHIFT+M shortcut to create a CD Track marker from any selection, or change the type of existing Cue Markers in the Markers Panel.

With each song identified and marked, I’m ready to burn a CD for the daily commute to work. By selecting File > Export > Burn Audio to CD… from the menu bar, I can quickly create a CD without having to create a full project.

That’s it! The Burn Audio to CD command makes it quick and simple to burn a multitrack CD from a single, long-form recording. It’s a great solution for breaking down long takes into chapters or tracks, such as lectures, book readings, or live performances. But what if you want to produce a more professional CD with tracks from different sources?

Up next in this little series: Creating structured audio CD’s with Audition’s CD Project editor.

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* While offers this performance as separate tracks, I had previously combined them into a single FLAC file.