Hidden Gems in Acrobat DC: Search & Remove Sensitive Information

Employment applications, medical forms, tax audits, and many government documents contain confidential information that needs to be safeguarded. But in a paperless office, sharpies are a thing of the past. So how can you protect personal information before distributing it to others?

The redaction tool in Acrobat Pro DC is designed to permanently remove sensitive information —all while keeping the entire workflow digital. Plus, you can use patterns (i.e., social security numbers) to quickly locate and remove confidential information.

Prepare for the redaction process

Start the redaction process

In this example, we’ll quickly locate a specific text pattern, like a social security number, and remove it.

  1. Select Redact from the Tools Center.
  2. Choose Find Text from the Mark for Redaction dropdown.

  1. In the Search dialog, select the “Patterns” radio button and choose Social Security Numbers from the dropdown. Select Search & Remove Text.

  1. Confirm the results and then select Check All in the Search dialog.

  1. Select Mark Checked Results for Redaction in the Search dialog to place the markups your document.

  1. Review all marked redactions and select Apply from the toolbar to permanently remove the information.

  1. Save your file to apply all the redactions.

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