May 2020 Release of Adobe XD: Offline Support for Coediting and Sharing Improvements

Now more than ever, design teams need flexibility in how they work and collaborate with others. Last month, we announced unlimited sharing and collaboration in XD across all of our plans to support design teams and help them adapt to these new ways of working. With the May 2020 release of XD, we’re furthering our commitment to supporting designers with some new ways for you and your team to work together in Adobe XD.

To get the new features, update to the latest version of XD or you can download XD.

Work offline with Coediting

As you and your team adjust to remote work, the ability to collaborate together in real time is essential. We recognize that many of you are now working in different environments; not just physically apart from your team but, in some cases, with slower or unreliable network connections. That’s why in our May release, we’re announcing offline support for Coediting.

With offline support, you can now coedit designs with your team online or offline, enabling you to work together in XD no matter where you are. If you’re working in a shared document and you lose connection, you’ll be able to continue designing while offline. Any changes you make offline will be automatically pushed to all of your teammates once your connection is re-established. If there are conflicting changes, you’ll have the option to discard your changes or save a copy of the document to incorporate your changes later. Offline support also lets you work on shared documents when you have no connection at all, like on an airplane or in a coffee shop.

Offline support is available to anyone working on shared documents in XD — you’ll just need to update to the latest version. You can learn more about Coediting with our learning content on Let’s XD.

When sharing your prototypes with stakeholders and clients, it’s important that they’re able to fully understand and experience your designs. This is especially true when viewing designs for different screen sizes, when those stakeholders might want to look at a specific part of the design to make copy adjustments or provide specific design feedback.

Now, anyone viewing your designs via a shared link will be able to zoom in and out of the designs to get a better sense of what the final experience will look like. Reviewers will see controls that allow you to jump to different zoom percentages as well as Default and Fit settings. Zoom controls are available when viewing shared links in both desktop and mobile web browsers.

You can access zoom controls on any shared prototype link — try it now!

With the new Anima for Adobe XD plugin, you can get your team aligned and bring websites and landing pages to production faster. Anima for XD gives you access to additional prototyping tools for designing websites and landing pages as well as the ability to automatically convert XD designs to working HTML and CSS code.

Previewing responsive breakpoints for an XD prototype using the Anima for XD plugin.

With Anima for XD, you can now add playable videos, GIFs, or Lottie animations to your designs, add links to external websites, and add text input fields for designing web forms and sign-up pages. You can also define breakpoints in your designs to create responsive prototypes that automatically adjust to different screen sizes, like desktop, mobile, and tablet.

_To get started, you can download the Anima for Adobe XD plugin from the XD Plugin Manager. If you want to learn more about Anima, check out the Anima partner spotlight on our blog. For the latest updates, see the August 2020 release of Adobe XD.