We’re hiring a team to co-create Adobe’s creativity conference — meet CoCreate: MAX

Adobe MAX 2020 is all about expecting the unexpected. So how about designing it yourself? This year, we’re hiring a team of creators to make MAX a reality. This is CoCreate: MAX.

In a year where everything is different, Adobe MAX is no exception. Our creativity conference is now an immersive and engaging online experience, open to all. But to truly bring it to life, we need you.

Our creative community has been greatly impacted by change this year. So to help out, we’re commissioning you to be our collaborators. CoCreate: MAX is a diverse team of creators from around the world, and you can apply to join right now. If you’re chosen to participate, you’ll be given a paid job (🤑) to create work that will be seen on Adobe’s social channels, websites, merchandise, and much more during MAX.

We’re actively recruiting creativity from all types of people. Whoever you are, you can submit your portfolio to four different skillsets:

  1. Graphic Design: Use your graphic design passions for MAX posters, Zoom backgrounds, and just a few PSDs.
  2. Illustration: Sketch the artwork that will draw everyone in.
  3. Motion Media: Move people at MAX with your video skills.
  4. Wildcard: Want to make us a playlist? Or maybe some memes? Let’s get creative.

MAX 2020 will be viewed by millions of people, with inspiring expert talks, celebrity guests, musical performances, extremely informative working sessions, collaborative art projects, and more. (You can register for MAX right now, by the way.) And our creative community’s work will be part of it all.

We’re excited to welcome you to the CoCreate: MAX team, where we’ll work together to bring creativity to all.