Win one of 10,000 T-shirts and join the CoCreate: MAX team

Register for MAX & Win!

When you register for Adobe MAX, you can opt in to win one of 10,000 T-shirts featuring designs created by our CoCreate: MAX teams.

Even though we can’t be together in person this year, we want our community to be able to have a piece of MAX to commemorate our first global online gathering. Register from now until Oct. 9, 2020, and you can opt in to win a T-shirt. Drawings take place biweekly. Winners will be notified via email with instructions to redeem and select a T-shirt from several custom designs.

Speaking of the MAX Community­, we’re looking for a few good designers to join the CoCreate: MAX team.

What is CoCreate: MAX / How is Adobe partnering with the creative community?

Adobe MAX has always been a conference for and by the creative community. This year, it could be made by you. CoCreate: MAX is a team of creators commissioned to collaborate with us to bring MAX 2020 to life through work that’ll be seen around the world. Artists and everyday creatives will be given real, paid jobs leading up to and during Adobe MAX.

Background on the artists

The first team members of CoCreate: MAX, who created the designs being used on the MAX Sweepstakes T-shirts, were tapped for their wide range of artistic skills and perspectives. Get inspired by their stories and join them to co-create Adobe MAX 2020:

  1. Barry Lee (@barryleeart): Barry Lee is an Illustrator, muralist, storyteller, and disability advocate living in Atlanta, Georgia. Lee is a creative problem solver who tells meaningful stories using a cast of colorful characters and always a dash of mindfulness and intention.
  2. Jordan Moss (@__jinx): Jordan Moss is a Brooklyn, New York-based illustrator and graphic designer. Whether it’s taking on hand-painted murals in her city or digital stage graphics at Coachella, she’s excited to create in all spaces.
  3. Natalia Agatte (@nataliaagatte): Natalia Agatte is a freelance illustrator from Brazil who is now based in New York City. Her work focuses on the beauty and diversity in womanhood, always trying to portray the different body types, skin colors, and styles that women see every day.
  4. Aislinn Finnegan ( Aislinn Finnegan is a Zambian-Northern Irish Illustrator based and currently studying in London. Her work takes an Afro-futurist approach that imbues themes relating to race and femininity, placing the beauty and power of Black women in its center.
  5. Paulina Ho (@paulinapizza): Paulina Ho is a California-born, Texas-raised designer and artist based in New York City. She specializes in lettering and illustration, but enjoys experimentation in many creative outlets.
  6. Kevin Bongang (@bongangart): Artist Kevin Bongang is a man of many talents and few words, choosing to allow his art to speak for itself.

How you can help Adobe CoCreate: MAX?

Anyone can, and should, apply for the team here! If selected, you’ll be offered a specific role, collaborating with us to make MAX happen.