Streamlined workflows that make storytelling easier

The Adobe Premiere Pro interface showing HDR content with a sprinter starting a race.

HDR for broadcasters in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The current environment is forcing us to rethink and reimagine so much. Content creators, from broadcasters to streaming services to social video creators, are finding new ways of working that prove creativity and resourcefulness are inherent to the video industry. As part of this evolution, Adobe is focused on developing solutions that simplify tasks and improve efficiency to make storytelling easier in the new world we live in.

With IBC Showcase and the return of Adobe Video World (held virtually), we’re excited to share new features available in Adobe Premiere Pro, including Scene Edit Detection (powered by Adobe Sensei) and HDR for Broadcasters, as well as performance improvements for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition.

Scene Edit Detection is available in Premiere Pro now.

Since launching earlier this year, growing numbers of users have been downloading Beta builds of Adobe video apps, allowing them to explore new tools and provide feedback to the product teams. Today we are also revealing new features going into our public Beta available now: The After Effects Beta has improved camera tools, and a cool, new 3D Transform Gizmo and Premiere Pro Beta lets users try out the new Quick Export function. Engagement in our public Beta has exceeded expectations, and user feedback has been invaluable as we continue to iterate features and fine-tune functionalities across our video products.

Public Beta tab.

Install Beta builds from the Creative Cloud Desktop App.

Simplifying workflows in Premiere Pro

The Premiere Pro team has been analyzing workflows from start to finish to identify areas that can be streamlined, always with the goal of accelerating editorial and simplifying tasks while ensuring users retain full control over their content. Users can now take advantage of the following features:

Modernizing motion design in After Effects

Graphics artists rely on After Effects for motion design, and working in 3D has become essential in producing compelling content for broadcast and advertisers, especially for things like product commercials that use both 2D and 3D design elements. To modernize the 3D experience, we’re currently testing the following After Effects features in public Beta:

Try the new 3D Transform Gizmo in the After Effects Beta.

Coming soon to Character Animator

Improving performance across the applications

Today’s release is available for download via the Creative Cloud desktop application, including both the release version and the public Beta.

Adobe’s partner ecosystem continues to expand with a variety of new and enhanced workflow integrations for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition. The latest partner integrations and tools from IBC Showcase can be found in the Adobe Video & Audio Partner Finder. Other resources from Adobe at IBC include: