Find your focus with 5 courses for any photography lover at MAX

Beams of light on stage

Photo by Black Edge Productions.

Every photographer knows that focus is an art form. This year’s MAX photography track features so many inspiring speakers and topics, it can be hard to decide where to start. Every session is designed to spark inspiration and help you improve your photography skills with hands-on practice so you can create awesome photos with your smartphone camera, DSLR or mirrorless.

A man paints on a canvas.

We partnered with some of the graffiti artists from the legendary UTI Crew at Adobe MAX 2018 to create some graffiti-inspired art. Image source: Josh Haftel.

If you’re just starting out in photography and want to improve, or if you’re interested in taking your professional skills to the next level, you can learn from leading photographers and Adobe experts in sessions and labs.

You’ll learn how to transform your photos to look just as you imagined, and you’ll get to experiment with different looks from a single photograph using Lightroom Classic or Lightroom. With tools like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for mobile, see how you can easily shoot, edit, and share your photos from anywhere — and effortlessly move edited images between your mobile devices and desktop.

Once you’ve registered for MAX, here are five photography sessions to add to your schedule that will help you gain new skills and hone your focus:

Session 1:

Lightroom on the Go Part 1: Taking Photos and Initial Edits — Lisa Carney, Photographer, Retoucher, Photoshop and Lightroom Educator

Learn to perfect your photos using the powerful capabilities of Lightroom for mobile. In this follow-along lab, you’ll discover how to take the ordinary to extraordinary — using just your mobile device. Join photographer and educator Lisa Carney as she teaches you how to edit your photos to achieve your creative vision. Part one of this three-part lab leads you through the process of taking photos using the Lightroom for mobile camera and making initial edits.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

A man's face in blue light

That one Adobe MAX where I dyed my beard and hair green and blue and then took a selfie in a blacklight art display. Image source: Josh Haftel.

Session 2:

The Art and Craft of Amazing Photo Portraits — Chris Orwig, Author, Teacher, Photographer

One of the most frequently photographed subjects is people, but how do you capture meaningful and memorable portraits? Join Sony Artisan of Imagery, best-selling author, photographer, and teacher Chris Orwig as he shares his techniques for creating amazing portraits at any time of day, with any type of subject, using natural light and minimal gear —even just a smartphone. Whether you’re capturing photographs of family and friends or doing client work, you’ll leave with practical and actionable tips to improve your photographs.

Orwig will cover:

Session 3:

Creating Thumb-Stopping Content for Social Media — Coco Peri, Photographer and Stop-Motion Artist

Want to create social media content that stops people in their tracks? Join Sony photographer and leading stop-motion artist Coco Peri as she shows how to bring magic to your work through the power of stop-motion photography. Research shows that people naturally gravitate more toward motion than still images. Stop-motion goes one step beyond pure stills or video, creating compelling stories that transcend reality. You’ll learn new tricks to bring your content to life using the equipment you already have.

In this session, you’ll explore:

A man with a beard wears a gold mask

An Adobe MAX attendee wearing a mask made for a breakout session at the 2016 San Diego event. Image source: Josh Haftel.

Session 4:

Wow, You Can Do That in Lightroom Classic? — Matt Kloskowski, Photography and Lightroom Instructor

Get ready to discover things you never knew about Lightroom Classic. Renowned Lightroom educator Matt Kloskowski will dive into Lightroom Classic adjustments and show you how to push them in ways to get maximum results. Whatever you thought you knew about editing your photos, this session will show you a whole new side of Lightroom Classic and just how powerful it can be.

In this session you’ll learn about:

A man plays guitar

The inimitable Russel Preston Brown, Adobe Principal Designer and Photoshop and Lightroom trainer extraordinaire, dressed as a steam punk Elvis Pressley for one of his break-out sessions at Adobe MAX Las Vegas. Image source: Josh Haftel.

Session 5:

Lightroom Presets that Save Time and Spark Creativity — Josh Katz, Photographer and Photography Instructor

Presets are a powerful tool that many photographers abuse, turning them into one-click solutions that stifle creativity. Join photographer Josh Katz to learn how to move beyond the one-click status quo and develop efficient presets that complement your workflow. You’ll leave with an understanding of the secret to presets — using them as a starting point for creativity and a huge time-saver.

In this session, you’ll learn how to develop your perfect preset technique:

These sessions are made to ignite your passion for photography and offer a hint of focus with practical tips. And, they are just five of the many sessions and workshops available in the photography track. More industry-leading speakers and opportunities to unlock your creativity in photography await you here.

If you haven’t registered for MAX yet, there’s still time, but not for long! Register now.