State of creativity: A new world shaping a new breed of creative

Artwork of woman with "cloud glasses" on.

Image source: Adobe Stock / Sandy Christ.

If 2020 has one defining feature, it would be its power to redefine. Redefine how we work, how we interact with one another, and how we spend our time.

As we gear up for Adobe MAX next month, we wanted to get a pulse on how months of navigating a pandemic, amidst social issues, has affected creatives’ careers and the industry at large. We surveyed 600 creatives around the world and discovered there was a complete shift in how creativity comes to life, and that this year’s events will permanently change the creative industry.

Here’s what we found:

State of creativity infographic.

The new normal for creativity

For most of you reading this, it may come as no surprise that not even a global pandemic can get in the way of creative deadlines. What was once done shoulder to shoulder in the office, has moved to working remotely from home, and the traditional photo shoot has been replaced by a dramatic increase in the use of stock photos or socially-distanced photo shoots and highly-intricate video remotes.

Even with these workarounds, change has been a constant factor in the lives of creatives. Seventy-six percent admit that it is harder to navigate rapidly evolving trends in visual culture and topics today than it was six months ago. Addressing the uncertainty, 41 percent of creatives have changed how they create in 2020, building the chaos factor of this year into their process to quickly pivot creative direction if circumstances change.

Changing for the better

Our survey found great momentum building toward positive change in the coming months and years. As a byproduct of recent events, 91 percent of creative teams have become inspired to bring real-world issues into their work. Additionally, 49 percent of all creatives have begun to use their craft to develop campaigns with positive social impact. 89 percent of creatives agree that 2020 has made their teams think more creatively than ever before.

Despite the uncertainty, creatives are turning 2020 into an opportunity to thrive. With many creatives stuck at home, 86 percent are looking at training to expand creative skills in terms of interactive design and Web UI/UX.

Empowering creativity

Here at Adobe, we know that creativity fuels imagination and feeds the soul—especially in times of crisis. It can be hard to predict what tomorrow will bring, but creators have shown how resourceful they can be when challenged to think outside of the box. Our commitment to support, elevate, and amplify diverse voices is unwavering as we navigate these times together.

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